Marvel Studios has been on a roll lately. Their movies have continued to be box office gold and rake in the cash. ‘The Black Panther’ became a global phenomenon and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ also did extremely well. 2019 promises to be yet another huge year for Marvel. In fact, their next movie release is on pace to have one of the biggest openings in movie history. Advance ticket sales for the film have already gone past ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Wonder Woman.’ It should be pointed out that looking at the number of tickets sold in advance will not always tell you accurately what sort of opening weekend a movie will have. However, it is very safe to say that ‘Captain Marvel’ is on pace make $150 million opening weekend. It could pack theaters in a way that very few superhero movies have done before.

One of the biggest things that the movie has going for it is the fact that the general public is very aware that the film exists. The trailers that have been posted online have already been viewed millions of times. The studio has also invested in a ton of TV ads. You have to be living in a cave not to have seen at least one ‘Captain Marvel’ ad by now. The comments posted along with the trailers online also tell a very important tale. People have been saying generally positive things about the film. There has been some backlash among fans who believe that other characters should have been given their own films before Captain Marvel. However, people are generally very happy with the look of the trailers that have been released so far.

One of the other key factors that is sure to benefit the overall performance of ‘Captain Marvel’ is the fact that the film is opening in the spring, says There will not be much serious competition for the film and it should easily dominate the box office for several weeks. Marvel Studios is obviously aware of this fact. This is why they chose not to release the movie in the summer when the competition will be more fierce.

This movie will lead into ‘Avengers: Endgame’ which will be released in April. This will be a continuation of the Avengers film from last year. This will certainly be another box office smash. It remains to be seen what other tricks that Marvel has up their sleeve. However, they are set to dominate 2019.