“Bob’s Burgers” , which is a popular cartoon that has been on television since 2011, will be coming to theaters in 2020. It is an Emmy Award-winning series. 20th Century Fox announced that the cartoon would be made into a film on Wednesday, October 6, 2017.

Loren Bouchard is the creator of the Bob’s Burgers series. She is excited about the upcoming release of the film. She stated that the fans of the show have waited for a long time to see the film. She also believes that people who have never seen the show will also enjoy the film. She knows that making the movie will be a lot of hard work. However, she looks forward to making the film. She wants the movie to be one of the best films ever made.

“Bob’s Burgers” is a show that centers around a family named the Belchers. The family has a burger business. Bob, who is the father, is also the head of the restaurant. He is always coming up with ways to make burgers. Linda is the mother. She takes care of the couple’s three children, who are named Louise, Gene and Tina.

Stacey Snider is the CEO and film chairman of 20th Century Fox. She is also excited about the “Bob’s Burgers” film. She stated that the film will fit in with their animation and family efforts. Stacey is grateful that Fox Television Group has trusted 20th Century Fox to help with the film. Dana Walden and Gary Newman are the chairmen of the Fox Television Group.

“Bob’s Burgers” won its second Emmy Award in September 2017. It was named the Best Animated Series. In 2014, the show won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program. The tentative release date for the film is July 17, 2020.