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The “National Treasure” films were very big successes for Nicolas Cage. Both films were blockbusters that made a lot of money at the box office. However, the second film came out way back in 2007. There has not been any talk about a third film until recently. It has been confirmed by several media outlets that a third “National Treasure” film is in development. What that means exactly is not known at this time. There are different stages of development. Just because a film is in development does not mean that we will be seeing it any time soon.

There was cause for hope recently when it was revealed that producer Jerry Bruckheimer had hired a person to write the script to the long-awaited sequel. That proves that Bruckheimer and Disney, the studio that produced the first two films, are very interested in making a third film. According to Newsrama.com, Disney CEO Bob Iger said four years ago that the company was creating a budget to finance the new film. However, not much has been said about the project since then. How much of the script that the screenwriter has written is a mystery. Therefore, fans will have to be content that Disney is at least taking baby steps to get this movie made.

Disney has seemingly had bigger fish to fry over the past couple of years. They have been spending an enormous amount of money to produce new Marvel and Star Wars films. The studio has also produced live-action remakes of some of their classic animated films like “The Lion King,” Aladdin,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Dumbo.” These investments have paid off in a very big way. Disney has raked in a fortune. In fact, the studio had seven films make more than $1 billion worldwide in 2019. With all of the money that Disney has been pouring into these other projects, there does not seem to be much money left over for a new “National Treasure” film.

Nicolas Cage has not commented on the possibility of a third film in the series. Perhaps he is waiting until the project is further along before he acknowledges it publicly. Fans of the first two “National Treasure” films should not lose hope. A third “Bad Boys” film came out 17 years after the second one. Therefore, the possibility of a third “National Treasure” film being released many years after the second one is very real.