The award season will officially begin with one of the funniest comedians in late-night television. The 75th Golden Globe Awards ceremony will air on Sunday, January 7, 2018 with Seth Myers as the new host. Seth is also the host of his own show, “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on NBC, which is in its fifth season.

One of the common themes within his monologues includes jokes about Donald Trump. In a recent interview with People Magazine, Seth assured the interviewer that political jokes will be included within his monologue at the Golden Globes ceremony. Seth is unapologetic of most of his acts, but when it comes to Trump, he’s somewhat relentless. He plans to also steer his anecdotes towards the Hollywood industry which has had its own share of unwanted publicity in the last year.

At age 44 and six feet tall, Seth will not be sitting down to complete his monologue as he typically does on his show as well as when he completed the “weekend update” on Saturday Night Live (SNL). The format calls for him to come from behind the desk for one night and perform as if he were doing his stand-up act.

Seth is the only late-night host to perform his monologue while sitting down. It’s not that he’s shy or bashful. Sitting down is just more comfortable for him. In fact, Seth explained to the New York Times in an interview with Dave Itzkoff, he’s very comfortable when he makes a mistake during performances. Seth is often the first person to laugh about it. He plans to bring the same type of comedic energy to his hosting duties at the Golden Globes and set the right tone for the celebrity-filled audience.

Although he now resides in New York, City, Seth is originally from Evanston, Illinois. It might appear that he started on SNL as his first comedic performance, which airs in New York, but Seth started as an “improv” comedian and was a part of the Northwestern University improv sketch group that included performances in Amsterdam. Seth’s big break on SNL did not occur until 2001 where he impersonated many of the celebrities that will be in the audience at the Golden Globes ceremony on Sunday night.

Seth was host of the 66th Emmy Awards in 2014 and received a welcomed reception as well as many accolades from celebrities at the conclusion.