In what might be the biggest entertainment scandal of past decade, Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual harassment by more than half a dozen women. Weinstein has been one of the biggest producers of Hollywood for more than three decades. In hindsight, none of the allegations seem surprising. As someone once said, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Mr. Weinstein had been in such a position of power, it is no wonder he used his position of privilege to take advantage of numerous women who simply wanted to please a man they thought could help them rise in the entertainment business.

No fewer than eight women have come forward with allegations ranging from Weinstein asking for massages, to various other sexual favors in exchange for better reviews and more opportunities in films and tv shows. From high profile actresses, to unpaid interns, it seems Harvey Weinstein’s indiscretions know no bounds. His actions hardly seem surprising given how his public appearances have seemed to indicate how much of an ardent supporter of women he has been.

He has received accolades and praise from numerous high profile liberal politicians from Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama which makes his indiscretion all the more galling. For him to spend so much time focusing on sleight of hand and producing a facade, it is a wonder more women have not come forward. Also interesting is that when news broke of various sexual indiscretions and scandals at Fox News, those women were paid sums in the millions for their silence, whereas in Weinstein’s case, the women were paid paltry sums barely reaching in the six figures.

however, probably the most egregious of the whole situation, is that Harvey Weinstein’s knew all of his indiscretions and yet chose not to do anything in fear of retaliation. For all his praiseworthy traits, his actions instead portray a man insecure in himself so much the only way for him to be in control is to prey on women who are just trying to make a name for themselves.