The British Broadcasting Cooperation yesterday announced that it had postponed the debut of one of its thrillers. The thriller has been identified as an adaptation of a book by Agatha Christie. One of the main starring in the thriller is Ed Westwick. Through a spokeswoman, the BBC said that it was postponing the release of the series because Mr. Westwick had been accused of sexual assault. Two women emerged last week with claims that they had been raped by Mr. Westwick. This is not the only series that has been disrupted as the BBC also said that the production of another series in which the actor starred had also been affected. The BBC also clarified that Ed Westwick had denied these accusations referring to them as false. At the same time, the BBC made it clear that it will not make any judgment pertaining the case. The statement concluded that until these matters are taken care of, the drama that has been referred to as Ordeal by Innocence will not be airing on the television. While the program had been scheduled for the Christmas programming in Britain, the BBC confirmed that there were plans to avail the series on Amazon for viewers in the United States of America.

The accused actor, Mr. West is perhaps well known on the series Gossip Girl where he appears as Chuck Bass. He has also appeared in another BBC series known as White Gold. For starters, this is a BBC comedy that’s already available on Netflix. The BBC confirmed that they had been informed by the independent company that was producing the White Gold that Ed Westwick had taken a break to deal with the allegations that he is currently facing. The accused has not shied away from social media since the accusations were made. He has vehemently denied ever having a relationship with the accusing women. The first woman has been identified as Kristina Cohen. She wrote on her Facebook page that she had been raped by the actor while she was seen his friend who she has identified as a producer. She wrote that the incidence was a nightmare for her. She further said that the producer turned the story blaming her for the incidence. She said that she was warned that talking about issue with someone would lead Mr. Ed to send people after her who would destroy her career. The case is already being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department.