Some news reports claim the Democratic primary race is one of the year’s top entertainment stories. Joe Biden, the favorite candidate early in the race, looked like he would have another shot at the White House, but the Ukraine debacle, as well as money issues, took a lot of sting out of Joe’s political punch. Mr. Biden told the press he wouldn’t let Trump’s plan to ruin his election campaign. But it looks like Biden’s old political baggage could bring him down.

Bernie Sanders came out on top in Iowa, but Pete Buttigieg claims he won Iowa. Iowa is in recount mode thanks to the vote reporting fiasco that gave the president a chance to point out the flaws that surfaced during and after the polls closed. Sanders is not the candidate the Democratic National Committee wants to endorse, but it appears Bernie got 26% of the votes in the New Hampshire primary, and that was enough to win.

Pete Buttigieg came in second in New Hampshire and Amy Klobuchar came in third. Elizabeth Warren won fourth place, and Biden rounded out the top five. Warren may have to throw in the towel after her disappointing New Hampshire finish. Warren thought her New England roots would help her, but Sanders is too strong in that part of the country. Mike Bloomberg didn’t participate in the New Hampshire primary. But he did get votes thanks to spending more than $400 million on campaign ads.

Mr. Trump told the press he’s not afraid of “Mini Mike” Bloomberg. But the former mayor of New York has the support of moderate Democrats. Several political analysts claim Bloomberg will pull ahead of Bernie on Super Tuesday.

The Academy Awards shocked several moviegoers, especially moviegoers who don’t like to watch foreign films with subtitles. But despite some resistance, “Parasites” became the first foreign film to win best picture. Parasites won four Oscars, and the respect of the academy.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos made the press loop for selling a chunk of Amazon stock to pay his wife after the couple divorced. Bezos got to keep 75% of his stock in Amazon, as well as his interest in the Washington Post and a couple of other investments. In return, his wife received Amazon stock and a big cash payout. Several news reports claim the $4.1 billion Jeff received from the Amazon stock sale will go to his wife to satisfy the divorce agreement.