If the Nintendo Switch had come out at any other point in gaming history it would easily be the biggest story of the decade. However, with the PlayStation 4 in action and the new XB1X being released, there are always going to be battles for headlines. Still, don’t let that distract you from the fact that the Nintendo Switch just made a huge step forward with a few system updates that might win over even more fans. System updates don’t typically steal the show but this one was definitely worth mentioning, in particular, because of how different it is in comparison to Nintendo’s established history.

The latest operating system upgrade at the Nintendo Switch gave users the ability to transfer their profiles and saved games while also giving them the ability to actually record video straight through the console. Livestream, video sharing, and social networking with your games is more common now than ever and it is great to see Nintendo stepping in that direction. We are currently living in a gaming world dominated by the Livestreamers and the ‘Let’s Play’ video game fanatics. Nintendo gives gamers the chance to share their files and gameplay footage easier than ever before now. All gamers have to do is press and hold the screenshot but and the last 30 seconds of their gameplay will be transferred to a saved video folder. From here, gamers can share their videos straight to social media.

Transfering data is a whole different beast but one that should be talked about. In order to transfer data from one system to another, you have to have possession of both systems. Transferring data doesn’t work quite like it does with the Xbox systems and that is to Nintendo’s detriment, however this is a step in the right direction even if it isn’t entirely all the way there yet.

Other new additions to the Nintendo Switch by way of this system update are improved profile buttons as well as the option to pre-order/pre-download new titles through the Nintendo E-Shop. The News Feed also has a whole new look to it, as well. These are mostly maintenance updates but they are still worth at least mentioning.

Right now gamers are looking to the Holiday season in order to get their hands on the new ‘Mario World Odyssey’ title that has been getting such rave reviews. Nintendo’s deep catalogue and constant attention to their audience shows that the Switch will have a long shelf life.