President Trump is in defense mode. Michael Cohen’s testimony, and the Sunday news programs, as well as his unexpected exit from the second North Korean summit, gave him serious political indigestion. But even though Mr. Trump feels the make America great again walls closing in on him, he managed to joke, pontificate, and spew his version of the truth during a two-hour speech at a conservative, political action conference in Maryland.

Trump arrived at the conference unfashionably late, but that didn’t stop the crowd of loyal Trump lovers from giving the president their support. Despite the accusations, and the half-baked evidence that Trump and Russia had a deal during the 2016 campaign, the president was able to verbally slice his enemies like Christmas turkeys. Mr. Trump claimed all the fuss and fury over his alleged illicit actions was a waste of time.

Mike Pence spoke at the conference before Trump arrived. His show of ignorance was on display. Mr. Pence can’t seem to get the definition of a socialistic democracy right. Pence accused the Democrats of Karl Marx behavior. And he claimed America would follow in the footsteps of Venezuela if a Democrat beat him and his man-crush in 2020.

Other speakers like Republican Matt Gaetz from Florida didn’t get a chance to tell the group his version of his Cohen family attack thanks to the Trumpster’s long-winded and redundant speech. But the loyal Trump crowd didn’t care. They got a heavy dose of Trumponomics and Trumpian lies at the conference. They went home satisfied knowing Mr. Trump would continue to pull the constitution apart.

Ivanka Trump got a taste of reality when she showed up at the annual Gridiron Dinner the press attends every year. The dinner is one of those roast-type dinners where people get up and make fun and tell jokes about other people or laughable quips about themselves. Ivanka was there because her dad couldn’t take any more press-slapping. She also wanted to be there to justify her stupid statement about a clause in the New Green Deal when it went viral. The Trump princess tried to go head-to-head with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez days earlier. AOC got more news coverage that week, and Ivanka had to show her followers she was smarter than AOC.

Princess Trump tried to get a laugh when she said it’s a lot of work being Donald Trump’s daughter, and the crowd gave her a quick chuckle. That’s all she got from the swamp infested dinner. But that was enough to tell dad she did him proud.