The Trump administration has found itself in the midst of international crises for the last few months. However, the White House found itself in a crossfire that didn’t involve a foreign adversary. A war erupted between the current wife of Donald Trump and his ex. After jokingly calling herself the first lady, the East Wing of Melania Trump lashed out at the divorced Ivana. For starters, this is the woman who made Donald Trump the regular tabloid fixture he was before was elected president. This happened after they fell out and had to divorce. At the same time, she is the mother of Trump’s oldest three children. She was speaking on Good Morning America when she said that she had a direct number to the White House. At the same time, she said that she calls the president once in every two weeks. She had attended the interview to promote her memoir. She said that she was the first wife of Donald Trump. She jokingly said that she was the first lady. However, it seems that the joke didn’t go well with the actual first lady. This led to Mrs. Trump’s communication director Stephanie Grisham to issue a statement criticizing the Czech-born Ivana.

In an email, Mr. Grisham said that the first lady had made a house for the president and Barron. The first lady was also happy living in Washington, and she loves her role as the first lady. As for her, she better use the position to help children rather than sell books. This is what the communications director wrote. He further said that there was no substance in the statement by the president’s ex. He further brushed it off as self-serving and attention seeking noise. The president has had an interesting marital life. He was involved in brutal negotiations back in 1992 when he divorced Ivana Trump who used to be a model. She then married Marla Maples before separating with her to marry Melania. The current lady is a model from Slovenia and has stayed away from drama. She is not known to seek attention, and she is very careful with the words she uses. She is slowly rising to the position of the first lady after making some important appearances in the past few weeks. She has in the past insisted that her role as a first lady will be to tackle cyberbullying. However, she is slowly learning to incorporate other tasks.