Princess Diana was an inspiration for many people for a long time. She died when she was a young woman. She left behind two young sons. Her sons, William and Harry have struggled in the aftermath of her unexpected death. For them, it has been hard to think about her.

An Essay

When the princess died, it was her sons that tried to figure out the best way to remember her. Her eldest son was born on June 21st. Prince William has taken on many of her favorite causes. These are concepts that he feels deeply. As he looks to his fortieth birthday, many people are not surprised that he has chosen to mark his birthday in a very special way. He wants to remember the mom that he knew all too briefly. That’s why he has a written an essay in her honor for publication.

Supporting Homeless People

One of the many causes that were important to the late princess was that fact that many people are without homes. She knew that many people in the United Kingdom did not have a place to sleep. Over the course of her life, she was part of the process of helping ensure that more and more people were given the shelter they needed. She also went to visit homeless shelters in person during her time as a royal. In doing so, she took the prince with him in order to show him what life was like for other people.

Lasting Tribute

There’s a publication in the United Kingdom that aims to support homeless people. Known as The Big Issue, it’s about providing a voice to those who might not be heard. The prince has written a tribute to his mom in this publication. In this issue, he speaks openly about the effects of his work on his and how it changed his view. He also speaks of his desire to continue her work and help others in the same way she did. He also talks about his desire to continue her work with his kids.