Orlando Bloom says that he wanted to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and specifically mentions Captain Britain as a possible role that he would like to play.

The actor has starred in numerous major roles, most notably Legolas in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films and Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

He made these comments during an interview with Comicbook.com, where he explained that he has met with people from Marvel Studios, but never officially been asked to be in one of their movies. He cites bad timing as having been the main hindrance for him until now.

“I do read [Marvel Comics] a little bit,” he said. “Who’s the British one? Captain Britain! There you go. Terrible costume, though, and you’ve also got Captain America so what you going to do? Captain Britain versus Captain America?”

There has been no formal announcement or in-universe hint that Captain Britain is going to be showing up in the MCU, but the idea seems to be rather popular among British actors―aside from Bloom, Simon Pegg has expressed interest in the prospective part, as has Tom Hiddleston, who has been playing Loki in the franchise up until now.

The original Captain Britain was created by the British imprint Marvel UK back in 1976; he was their first original character, though his creators were all American. At first confined to the United Kingdom, he has gone on to become a more important character in the wider Marvel Universe, so it would not be too improbable for him to show up in the MCU.

The character is named Brian Braddock, who crashes his motorcycle while trying to flee from a supervillain attack and find aid. While unconscious he receives a vision of Merlyn from the King Arthur mythos, as well as hid daughter Roma; they offer him either the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. He chooses the former and becomes Captain Britain, who yes, is basically a magical version of Captain America and also has a pretty silly outfit.

He is also notably the brother of Psylocke, an important character from the X-Men franchise. She has appeared in a few of Fox Studio’s films, and as the property is set to be acquired by Disney she, too, could be added to the MCU.