With the news of the cancellation of three Netflix Marvel shows came recent rumors regarding where these shows or characters might appear next. However, a recent rumor is now confirmed stating the characters won’t able to appear anywhere else for a stated period of time.

A Comicbook.com report notes that “Daredevil” actress Amy Rutberg has confirmed those rumors saying the Netflix Marvel characters can’t appear elsewhere for two years. Rutberg said while speaking to Inverse, “There is this very real contract” with the Netflix platform. She added, “I heard 18 months, maybe it’s 2 years.” She went on to suggest that maybe Marvel will buy them out but she hasn’t heard any news or rumors of that.

Rutberg played Marci Stahl on the series, who was the girlfriend of Matt Murdock’s sidekick Foggy Nelson. She had a more prominent role in the third season of the show. Marci was seen often trying to comfort Foggy while he dealt with grief and stress related to the situation with Matt/Daredevil and the recent threats in Hell’s Kitchen.

The first Marvel Netflix show cancelation was “Iron Fist” starring Finn Jones in mid-October. “Luke Cage” starring Mike Colter as the title character was announced as canceled next. Then, despite the release of a generally well-received third season, the news of “Daredevil” getting canceled surprised fans on November 29.

The news of the show’s cancelation brought disappointment not only to its fans but also the show’s main star. Charlie Cox, who plays the role of Matt Murdock/Daredevil said “I felt like we had a lot of stories to tell,” and added he was “very saddened” by the cancelation despite understanding it’s “how business works.” Cox mentioned that he also hoped he might get an opportunity to play the character again in the future.

“Daredevil” was the only show of the three to make it three seasons before cancelation, as it was the first of the Marvel Netflix series. It was the most recent to receive a cancelation notice, following “Iron Fist” and “Luke Cage.” As of right now, there is a second season of “Punisher” still expected to arrive on Netflix in January, and a third season of “Jessica Jones.” Otherwise, there doesn’t appear to be much hope for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to resume seasons there.

Those cancelations brought with them the expectations that maybe the upcoming Disney streaming service debuting in early 2019 would pick them up. With the recent confirmations by Rutberg over the contract with Netflix, it seems it could be a little while before fans see them show up.

Source: https://comicbook.com/marvel/2018/12/12/daredevil-defenders-revivals-not-coming-soon-marvel-netflix/