After the death of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner this past week, he was laid to rest in private at a funeral held on Saturday, September 30th. Attending the funeral were his wife, Crystal Harris, and Hefner’s children, Cooper, Christie, David, and Marston. Select staff members of Hefner’s were also in attendance. Earlier in the week, the four children attended a dinner in their late father’s honor. His wife was not in attendance at the event.
The majority of Hugh Hefner’s fortune will be inherited by his four children. Possession of the Playboy Mansion now goes to Daren Metropoulous. The friend of Hefner’s purchased the iconic property a year ago, giving Hefner the right to live there until his death. Hefner’s wife will be moving to a home purchased by her husband in 2013. It has also been reported that she will inherit a $5 million dollar trust.
Hefner’s final resting place is at Westwood Village Memorial Park in Los Angeles. Many celebrities are also buried there. Hefner purchased the burial plot many years ago for $75,000.00. None of his former girlfriends or Playboy playmates attended the ceremony.
The location where Hefner will be buried is directly next to the resting place of Marilyn Monroe. He had made statements that he wanted to be buried next to Monroe in 2009.
It may take up to a year for Hefner’s children to receive their inheritance. Although Hefner’s company, Playboy Enterprises was sold in 2011, he retained a 35% ownership in the company. Now, Playboy Enterprises has one year to buy back his shares. The shares owned by Hugh Hefner are worth approximately $45 million.
Although many celebrities made statements regarding their sadness over Hefner’s death, several people who are close to him, including former girlfriend Holly Madison, have not yet spoken publicly.
It has been reported that Hefner’s death was from natural causes.