There’s no denying Hugh Hefner lived a full life. He passed away at 91 on Wednesday and left behind his Playboy empire, a loving family, and a wealth of fans that includes some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Now, as the world mourns his loss, celebrities far and wide share their thoughts about Hefner and about his most memorable moments.
The Playboy Mogul Is Remembered For More Than His Nudes
When Hugh Hefner launched Playboy with the inaugural December 1953 issue, he couldn’t have known where it would ultimately lead. While many viewed Hefner as nothing more than a pornographer, he soon proved there was much more substance to be found in his magazine and in his own character. Hugh was a staunch supporter of the First Amendment and a social activist, but he may best be remembered for his contributions to the sexual revolution of the 60s.
“That I changed attitudes toward sex,” Hefner said later in 1992. “That nice people can live together now. That I decontaminated the notion of premarital sex. That gives me great satisfaction.”
There’s no doubt that Mr. Hefner justly felt pride in his contributions toward destigmatizing sexual taboos, but Larry King, an old friend, saw even greater promise in Hugh as a journalist and civil rights activist.
Another old friend, television producer Norman Lear, acknowledged Hefner as a visionary, suggesting the Playboy founder was a man out of time.
“We’ve lost a true explorer, a man who had a keen sense of the future. We learned a lot from you Mr. Hefner.”
More Celebrities Reminisce About Hugh Hefner
Stars from every creative medium have come forward with their thoughts about Hefner, upon learning news of his passing. Among them, KISS rocker Gene Simmons shared his respect for Hugh as an entrepreneur and business mogul. He tweeted his thoughts, honoring Hefner as the “revolutionary” Playboy founder.
Jenny McCarthy and Kim Kardashian, two of the many celebrities to have posed for Hugh’s magazine, also mourned his loss. While McCarthy echoed Simmons in calling the late legend a revolutionary, Kardashian expressed gratitude for the opportunity to join the “Playboy team” as a model. Posing for Playboy has helped to advance the careers of several actresses, so, over time, actresses were seeking Hefner out for the influence his magazine had grown to represent.
Reverend Jesse Jackson joined the chorus of notables singing Hugh’s praises. He said in a tweet that Hefner should be remembered for his contributions to the civil rights movement and said he would never be forgotten.