Designer Giorgio Armani is one of the world’s most sought after designers. Armani is a highly prestigious name in fashion that represents quality and luxury. The designer has dressed many high end celebrities. In the process, he’s made the word Armani a synonym for elegance and upscale items. People think of Armani and they think of beautiful things. Those who love Armani and admire his work can now take advantage of a new opportunity. Armani is heading to New York City again. He’s not only look to redevelop his firm’s highly sought after Giorgio Armani boutique. His team is also looking just a bit further to the possibilities inherent in this address.

The boutique is located in the very heart of Manhattan at 760 Madison Avenue. Those who want to be part of his exciting world can now join in directly. Armani’s work has made both rich and famous with an estimated net worth that places him firmly in the category of world billionaire. Now he and his partners are looking to a new venture to help them bring even more glamour and luxury to the public. This is to a commercial partnership with a real estate firm that will bring people the chance to become part of the designer’s growing real estate empire.

According to The Real Deal, together with developer SL Green, the Armani team plans to bring the interiors for nineteen separate apartments to life. The apartments will be situated above the new shop right in the center of the action and directly in the middle of exciting New York. SL Green is the New York City’s largest commercial property owner. They own the building. With help from the famed designer, they are looking for ways to bring new and exciting experiences to their clients who have the means to be part of this venture.

Even in his eighties, Giorgio Armani is still seeking new adventures and new ways of connecting with his clients. He’s very much a man of the modern era. The new venture is about him creating a lifestyle brand that enables people to experience life in their own home when it is designed for them by an expert. The goal is to keep within the standard neighborhood look while at the same time bringing in something entirely new and fun. The Armani brand will continue to contribute a great deal of influence to the world of modern fashion.