If there is one thing most people don’t want to face, it’s an angry dog. However, for some local thieves in Colorado, that is exactly what is in their future. According to police in Edgewater, which is located close to Denver, the store that belonged to Duane “Dog” Chapman and his recently-deceased wife, Beth, was broken into earlier in the week and had numerous items stolen. Unfortunately for the Chapman family, some of those items were Beth Chapman’s personal items, such as gear she used when on the hunt for various fugitives.

The store, named Free As A Bird Bail Bonds, is not only the official merchandise store for Dog and his late wife, but is also considered one of the most popular places in Colorado. As a result, police are actively pursuing their investigation.

However, while the investigation is ongoing, so is Dog’s determination to track down and bring to justice whoever committed this crime. Needless to say, he and his family are taking this personally. Along with posting messages on Twitter stating the family was offering a large cash reward for information leading to the arrest of the guilty party, Dog also posted a cryptic message to whoever was responsible. Stating “to whoever did this, you better watch out–Dog is coming for you,” it made very clear that for those who committed the crime, it is probably best that the police find them first.

Beth Chapman, who died June 26 at age 51 after battling throat cancer, will nevertheless continue to live on in the couple’s upcoming show, Dog’s Most Wanted. Scheduled to premier on television September 4, it will feature Dog and Beth doing their usual hunting of fugitives. However, it will also include aspects of her fight against cancer, and is expected to be bittersweet for both the family and their many fans across the world.

While photos taken of the store immediately after the break-in show a shattered front door, glass strewn all across the floor and sidewalk outside, and various types of merchandise ransacked throughout the building, Dog and his family are confident those responsible will be captured. Working closely with police, the Chapman family believes the crime will be solved sooner rather than later. But for those who did commit the crime, it is best they turn themselves in as soon as possible, since there is one very mad Dog on their trail.