There has been a lot of publicity surrounding the biographical film about Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury called “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture. There will be another very high profile rock and roll biopic which will soon go into production. It will chronicle the life of the late David Bowie. The working title of the film is “Stardust.” This refers to Ziggy Stardust, a character that Bowie played during his career. The big news is that the role of Bowie has finally been cast after a long search. The coveted role will go to Johnny Flynn. His most notable role to date has been on the series “Lovesick.”

The movie has received some bad publicity recently. Bowie’s son has publicly hammered the film. He claims that his father would not have wanted a film to be made about his life. However, the production will be moving forward despite his son’s protests. The filming is set to begin in June. Bowie died in 2016. He was known for going against popular trends in his life. He said that he would turn down a knighthood if it was offered by Queen Elizabeth II. Therefore, it is not surprising that his son believes a film about his life would be against his wishes.

According to Cinema Blend, the movie will show Bowie when he was young. You will see the gradual progression of this shy kid into an internationally famous rock superstar. One of the pivotal moments of the film will be the first time that Bowie touches down in America in 1971. There are some people in the media who have criticized the casting choice of Johnny Flynn because he is not a big enough name. However, Rami Malek was not super famous either. It is true that Malek’s credentials were superior to Flynn’s when he took the role of Freddie Mercury. Malek had already won an Emmy for his performance in the series “Mr. Robot.”

There has not been many other tidbits released about the David Bowie movie. There will most likely be more casting news in the coming weeks. However, the studio has been keeping all of the other details about the film close to the vest. It would seem that the timing for this film about David Bowie could not be any better. There will also be a movie about the life of Elton John coming out later this year.