Former child star Candace Cameron Bure is leaving the Hallmark Channel after being the Hallmark Christmas movie queen for over 10 years. On April 19, Hallmark announced that the former Full House childstar signed a big deal with GAC (Great American Country ) media that began in 1995. Cameron Bure signed with the network to produce and star in GAC media productions.

GAC hired Cameron Bure to get involved in year round productions using her personal production company Candy Rock Entertainment while being part of the annual Great American Christmas. On the surface, Bure’s move to GAC was just a career move to help her with a behind the scenes for religious faith-centered television career.

Candace Cameron Bure is the real-life little sister of former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron. While her brother has been an evangelist for about 40 years, Candace Cameron Bure calls herself a Born Again Christian.

Almost a year ago, Bill Abbott became CEO of GAC Media. Abbott was the Crown Media, also known as Hallmark, for over 10 years. Abbott was behind Countdown to the Holidays. After almost a year as GAC CEO, Bill Abbott lured Bure away from Hallmark. The actor will star in and produce in many GAC family-friendly movies. The former child star will be in charge of selecting appropriate content for GAC programming. Bure is going to work on developing romantic comedies and holiday films. The Hallmark actor will be looking to recruit some of the Hallmark stars for her GAC projects. Bure wants to move on from Hallmark.

Candace Cameron Bure says her time with the Hallmark Channel is over and includes the Aurora Teagarden Mystery Series. Bure is going to join other former child stars like Danica McKellar, who also used to work for Hallmark. Bure will also be joining former Hallmark actors Jennie Garth and Chad Michael Muarray at GAC.