The universe is in danger, and the only person who can possibly lead the Earth’s heroes to save it is… Brianiac?

Brainiac is a longtime foe of Superman, and has appeared in various adaptations and retellings of his story. The details vary, but he is usually some kind of cyborg or android alien with super-intelligence. He has destroyed countless worlds, but shrinks a portion to preserve for his private collection; the most famous example is the bottled city of Kandor, from Superman’s home planet of Krypton.

In the first issue of the new mini-series Justice League: No Justice, he comes to Earth and abducts members of the Justice League, Titans, Teen Titans and Suicide Squad. However, he explains that he actually has the planet’s best interests in mind, a fact which is confirmed by Wonder Woman’s magical Lasso of Truth. Understandably, he thought that simply coming to Earth and trying to talk to the superheroes would end with Superman and the others attacking him on sight.

Brianiac’s story carries over from the recent series Dark Nights: Metal, where, among other things, the Source Wall which separates the DC Universe from other dimensions was breached. As the Green Lanterns attempt to repair it, they can sense a “cosmic ocean of destructive energy” that threatens everything, and it seems to be this force that Brianiac hopes to stop.

The new threat is apparently the Omega Titans, four cosmic beings who represent the forces of Entropy, Wisdom, Wonder and Mystery. Eons ago, they seeded their various powers across the worlds to see which would result in civilizations. Now it is time for the game to end, which means they will return, reabsorb their power and presumably end all life in the process.

Brianiac’s plan is to divide the group into four teams based on the four attributes. This will be easier said then done, though, because while he has accounted for which characters’ powers complement each other, the mixtures of heroes and villains might not cooperate very well. But if they don’t, the Earth is doomed.

DC Comics been focusing on mythology-building lately: the aforementioned Metal series introduced the Dark Multiverse, the Green Lanterns now have an ultraviolet color, and Doomsday Clock has drawn in the Watchmen universe. It remains to be seen what new changes this series will add to those works.

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