Many people are clamoring for sustainability in the fashion industry. However, a larger population patronizes fast-fashion brands. These brands are very affordable and are usually on-trend, so they are the go-to brands for Gen Z and middle-class shoppers looking for new clothes to add to their wardrobes.

Fashion Nova is one of the most patronized fast-fashion brands in the world, with millions of people shopping on the site monthly. Many people find this fascinating because Fashion Nova was not even on the internet about 8 years ago while other fast-fashion brands have been around for over a decade.

Many people have been wondering how Fashion Nova was able to grow from being a clubwear brand in Panorama Mall, California, to serving millions of men, women, and children in various countries all over the world.

How was Fashion Nova able to climb to the top, and how have they been able to stay there for over two years now?


Fashion Nova CEO Richard Saghian started the brand selling clothes to women from a single store. While he sold, he communicated with them to understand what they want from the fashion industry and how he could provide it to them.

Saghian says that Fashion Nova is a brand that encourages self-confidence, and makes people feel happy with themselves.

They’ve shown that they stand by this principle by producing clothes for women and releasing the Curve Collection in 2016. By doing these, Fashion Nova was able to enter a new market that was always considered a niche market. So, when they discovered Fashion Nova, they moved there.

The brand does not just increase the size of their regular clothes. They also ensure that they get women’s shapes right.

This was what made Fashion Nova expand even further in 2016.

They’ve been able to maintain the production standards and also add new collections to the brand. In 2018, Fashion Nova launched the men’s collection, selling various clothes and accessories for men. They added the Kids Collection to their inventory in December 2020 to pull even more people in.

By doing these, they ensure that people have a reason to shop and stay on Fashion Nova.

Ultra-Fast Fashion

Fashion Nova customers never get bored. The brand releases 1,000 new styles every week. There’s always something to buy on the site.

Moreover, these are not just ordinary designs. Fashion Nova has a team that sources for trending designs from social media, the internet, magazines, and other publications. You’ll always see something trending on the Fashion Nova store every day.

No other brand releases up to 1,000 clothes in a week. Fashion Nova has over 1,000 designers working in LA. When the team comes back with the trending designs, they send them to designers who produce them in less than 24 hours.

The next day, these clothes are on the models and they are ready for a shoot. On the third day, the pictures are up on the site and Instagram pages. This way, they keep customers on their feet with items ready for them whenever they want to shop.

Attractive Price Points

Fashion Nova offers the most attractive prices for any fast-fashion brand. They make their items so affordable that anyone can buy them. You would find most items on the Fashion Nova website for $49 or less. When these items are on sale, they go as low as $20.

This affordability makes women and men who do not want to worry about spending so much money on clothes shop with Fashion Nova.

Many Gen Z shoppers also prefer to buy clothes on the site. They do not have to spend so much money to avoid wearing the same outfit twice.

Maintaining a Strong Instagram Strategy

Fashion Nova’s Instagram strategy has been strong since the brand went online in 2013, and they’ve maintained the energy. They now have over 20 million followers on their main page and millions more on other pages.

How are they able to keep growing their followers?

Fashion Nova communicates with customers directly on their Instagram page, which makes them comfortable enough to shop with them. They also upload posts every 30 minutes, which means followers always see their posts when scrolling through their feed. When they post pictures, people tag their friends who might be interested in the outfit or even go to the site immediately to purchase it themselves.

Posting frequently means more daily post engagement for Fashion Nova.

Fashion Nova also uploads pictures of customers (#NovaBabes) on their page, encouraging more people to buy their outfits and take pictures.

Fashion Nova Website Tools

Fashion Nova can’t keep so many customers if they don’t have a great shopping experience. Saghian has not stopped adding new features to the website to ensure that customers don’t spend so much time shopping.

One of such features is “Find the Fit” – an image search technology that allows customers to upload pictures of outfits on their phone so they can find them on the site. People who don’t have pictures to upload can scroll through pictures of #NovaBabes on the page. This saves time they would have spent going through various pages on the site.

By keeping the site functioning properly, customers are more likely to come back to shop for more items.

Influencer Marketing

Finally, Fashion Nova uses influencers to bring new customers to the brand. They pay influencers to wear their outfits and upload them for their followers. When the followers see how good the outfit is, they head over to the Fashion Nova page to get it for themselves.

Partnering with influencers increases Fashion Nova’s reach and sales. Influencers like Kylie Jenner and Cardi B have the power to make new styles go viral within seconds. 

Bottom Line

Fashion Nova has maintained the same strategies they used to grow the brand from 0 followers to millions of followers in five years. They keep the website in good shape, enter into new markets to widen their customer base, keep the products affordable, and maintain good Instagram and influencer strategies.