Season seven of My Big Fat Fabulous Life is about to kick off. This year, Whitney Way Thore is back with a new man in tow. In fact, she is engaged. Like many of the other TLC programs, this one is getting quite a bit of attention. Promos show that Whitney and her new man fell in love in Paris. However, it seems the star is getting fat-shamed for taking risks in her larger than life body that people would rather not see.

People love Whitney because she is larger than life. She is not afraid to attempt things that even some slender people wouldn’t try. She never lets her size stop her. While society has come leaps and bounds with regards to having a healthy body image, there are still some people that think large women are revolting. When she released a photo in Paris wearing lingerie, some fans were mortified.

Whitney had a red, satin nightie on, and she was lying on the floor with her legs propped in the air. It was supposed to be a sexy pose, but some people found it revolting rather than appealing. She was using the photo as an opportunity to tell others that you can be large and still be beautiful. However, some people didn’t hold back their tongue when they saw the picture.

Thankfully, in true Whitney fashion, she didn’t let the haters get her down. In fact, she took the chance to clap back at them on Instagram. She told them that if they didn’t like what they saw that they didn’t have to look. Every girl wishes to be a size two with the perfect body, but many people will never see those days. You must learn to embrace your body and love yourself regardless of what’s on the outside.

The good news is that Whitney has lost a great deal of weight. She has competed in weightlifting competitions and works out with a personal trainer. Fans can see that she has lost some significant weight, but many still feel the weight loss is not enough to post revealing pictures. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. If Whitney and her fiancé are happy with her body, then she can turn a deaf ear to all the negative comments.

Still, people don’t like to be fat-shamed, even if they are comfortable in their own skin. Season seven promises to be full of adventure, and fans can’t wait till the January 7th premiere date.