Native American Burgeoning pop vocalist and drag queen VIZIN insisted that she be identified by her stage name during a recent phone conversation. Vizin talked about her experiences growing up gay in Newtown, North Dakota where she graduated from high school along with 33 others. She said that the indigenous term used to refer to a gay person was basically “witch” in an interview with NBC News during the Native American Heritage month. The pop vocalist added that a gay person was a witch who lives in the bush and might come out to get you if you misbehave. VIZIN noted that from an early age, she stood out in her small community, she would turn her T-shirts into skirts and play with Barbies.

VIZIN came to know her powers at a tender age, appearing in music videos together with some of the biggest names in the world. She used to show her considerable pipes when she featured in the videos. However, she admits that it has been a long journey to West Hollywood from North Dakota. The pop star hails from the Arikara tribe, a member of the three affiliated tribes. Back in North Dakota, she was raised by a single mum and was often ostracized because of her weight. She admitted that drag helped to incorporate her into the gay community. The pop star’s mother encouraged her to get a gastric bypass surgery. Without VIZINs knowledge, her mother organized an appointment with a doctor. VIZIN was 700 pounds by then, and after she agreed to have the surgery, she lost 200 pounds.

Vizin admitted that she had fears that she could die on the couch or the table due to her excess weight. After, a brief post-surgery plateau, VIZIN would whittle herself down to just 200 pounds. Her mother would, later on, pass on and that was the ultimate game changer. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and suffered from a disease that affected blood cells and their ability to transport oxygen. VIZIN took care of her mother until 2013 when she passed away. The drag queen says that she took the time she stayed with her mother to say goodbye. She says that her she saw her mother’s death as a way of letting her go to have a new life. VIZIN continues to say that the untimely death of her mother left her with a sick sense of humor.

Vizin would later move to West Hollywood with her unique style, her wigs, and her powerhouse voice.