Courtesy of NBC

Zachary Levi has teased the possibility of a ‘Chuck’ feature film.

The NBC comedy-drama series ‘Chuck’ wrapped after five-years of production last month.

Levi, who led of the series, has admitted that he is desperately hoping for a ‘Chuck’ movie.

In an interview, Levi told ENTV, “I want to do [a film] so bad” before explaining that he’s a fan of crowd-funding website Kickstarter, and if a movie were to materialize he would love to see ‘Chuck’ fans heavily involved.

“I really want to do it Kickstarter style – I want it to be something that the fans can all pitch in for and do, because we’ve always been supported and survived on our fans anyway, and that would be the only reason to make it,” Levi said before admitting: “I would also want to do it selfishly so that our family could come back together and have some more fun.”

31-year-old Levi had planned to take a break from television after Chuck ended, however he recently committed to play the lead role in upcoming Fox comedy pilot ‘Let It Go’, which tells the story of a married couple as they try to navigate, negotiate and sometimes manipulate society’s unspoken rules. Think ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, except with a married couple.

Watch the original promo for ‘Chuck’ below: