During a live taping of WWE ‘Raw’ in Sacramento, California last night, wrestling superstar CM Punk attacked a fan in attendance.

The incident came during a scheduled bit, in which CM Punk would run into the crowd carrying his “WWE Championship” belt, escaping WWE figurehead Vince McMahon. Punk entered the crowd, and as you can see in the video below, plenty of fans took the opportunity to appear in the shot or touch the wrestler.

Apparently, someone had tapped the back of Punk’s head, in which he retaliated and punched a fan, knocking him to the ground.

After meeting with the victim, Sacramento police found that the man didn’t sustain any injuries that required medical attention. Later in the night, however, the victim contacted police after apparently having some pain in his knees.

Whether or not police will further any investigation is still to be detemined.

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