It has been several years since Mike Tyson was involved in an official boxing match. Many years have already passed since the legendary boxer exited the scene after a glamorous career that brought fame, money, and fans from every corner of the world. But, as people have already discovered, it’s impossible to stay away from the legendary boxer.

People in the showbiz industry will always work hard to bring the big Mike for technical appearance. However, it’s essential to note that much of the drama has been caused by Mike Tyson. He is that person who is generally controversial, and months cannot pass without him doing what Mike Tyson does.

Mike Tyson Punches a Plane Passenger

As always, Mike Tyson has not been on the news for the right reasons. He is generally viewed as a controversial individual. The recent information regarding Mike indicates that he was involved in an altercation with a plane passenger. It’s doubtful for a significant physical fight to emerge in an airplane, but this is something you would expect Mike Tyson to be involved in.

According to the current reports, the passenger was highly incited because he saw Mike Tyson. It’s common for fans to go wild after contacting one of their celebrated athletes. However, in the case of Mike Tyson, it’s a clear message that he is not having none of that. That is why it is alleged that he punched the excited fan several times.

Struck by a Water Bottle

Reports indicate that Mike Tyson did not punch the nagging passenger out of anything. In his statement, the passenger had been nagging him for a lengthy period when he struck him with a water bottle. In such a situation, Mike acted in self-defense, and he had to protect himself from the unruly passenger.

There are not many details that have been revealed to the public. As it stands, the matter is before a jury, and an outcome will be released soon. However, many people have already concluded that Mike Tyson was demonstrating his actual character. However, he has a chance to respond and show that he is protecting himself against harm.