Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic
Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic

“Live with Kelly and Ryan” is back! After a couple of weeks away from the popular daily show, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa are finally back for the morning show’s 31st season and their second season together.

Ripa started the new season with an intro about their friendship, “Listen,” Kelly told the Live audience. “I know Ryan Seacrest like I know the back of my hand.” Seacrest responded in his manner, of course, “I do find the hour goes very fast when we’ve had a few days or weeks apart because there’s so much to catch up on.” They both agreed that they have a lot to talk about.

During the summer break, Kelly took her daughter on a tour of colleges, while Ryan spent his days in Italy and France. They still managed to keep in touch with each other, admitting they are very co-dependent. “Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and say, ‘She hasn’t texted me back yet. Why? What did I say,” Seacrest said.

Kelly has recently posted a hilarious throwback photo of herself nearly two decades ago with her sons Michael and Joaquin, who was just a few months old at the time, and her daughter Lola, from a family getaway. With a single photo, Ripa perfectly summed up what it’s like for parents to vacation with young children. “A #tbt 2003 reminder: ‘a vacation with your kids is a trip, not a vacation’ @instasuelos,” Ripa captioned the picture, which husband Mark Consuelos simply commented with a facepalm emoji.

At the same time, Ryan Seacrest doesn’t have similar problems. He spent this summer with his wonderful girlfriend, Shayna Taylor. The couple was spotted enjoying dinners with friends in Portofino, Italy and spending time on a luxurious yacht in France. Seacrest and Taylor stayed active during the entire time, exercising and enjoying water sports.

But even though their lifestyles aren’t very similar, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa seem to understand each other just fine. They even admit they missed each other during the time they were apart! “It’s been very tough because we’ve been on different time zones, so that’s been really tricky trying to figure out when Ryan’s awake,” Ripa said.

Seacrest will also host the new season of “American Idol” in Los Angeles, and very soon, he will face another bi-coastal commute. While most of us hate commute and can’t imagine having two jobs, Ryan Seacrest manages to handle this part of his life, although he admits that he doesn’t really know how he does it. “I guess I learned that I actually could pull it off, but I wasn’t sure if I could,” Seacrest said. “And I didn’t tell anybody that before we started.”


“Livetember” with Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa 

Producer Michael Gelman had promised a “Livetember” before and for those who don’t already know, “Livetember” is when September on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” transforms into a brand new season with a strong lineup of guests, music acts and live festivities all month long.

During September, hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest will welcome some of the entertainment’s brightest stars, including Oscar winners Matthew McConaughey and Emma Thompson, actresses Jennifer Garner, Queen Latifah and Blake Lively, and actors and comedians Kevin Hart, Ricky Gervais and Jack Black, Tiffany Haddish, model Chrissy Teigen and Rob Lowe and Jason Bateman.

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa will also chat with popular actors of the new TV season begins, such as “Empire” star Terrence Howard, “The Good Doctor” star Freddie Highmore, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” host Chris Harrison and “American Housewife” star Katy Mixon.

But that’s not all! The show will also feature performances from legendary singer Tony Bennett with Diana Krall, pop group “Why Don’t We,” rock band “Plain White T’s,” social media superstar Troye Sivan, and singers Josh Groban, Jake Shears, Ben Rector and Brynn Elliott, who will make their national TV debut on the show.

“Live with Kelly and Ryan” has embraced the concept of going live on social media during “Livetember.” Starting the launch of the new season, the viewers will be able to see behind the scenes every day on one of its digital platforms, either before or during the show. The special digital live streams will capture all the backstage and off-air events on set.

Each day will be hosted by a different social media sensation. Tuesday’s edition was hosted by Lauren of LaurDIY, followed by Alisha Marie on Wednesday, the Merrell Twins – Vanessa and Veronica Merrell on Thursday, and Collins Key closes out the week on Friday.

This is not the first time that the show has hosted social media stars. Ryan Seacrest has already hosted the nation’s biggest YouTube stars during the last season of the “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” “Live has always been a very real, unscripted, unplugged kind of show, and what these digital personalities do so well is a great fit with the Live sensibility,” executive producer Michael Gelman told Tubefilter. “Also, we love a good competition, and they’re masters of creating entertaining challenges for each other, which should make for great TV.”

Last year, the popular syndicated morning talk show featured Colleen Ballinger, vloggers Joey Graceffa, Kevin Lieber, Jake Roper, choreographers Matt Steffanina and Kyle Hanagami and makeup gurus Manny Mua and Patrick Starr.

But for Ryan and Kelly, social media is not about the message, it’s just a means to a happy end. “You have a trust with each other and a shorthand we could theoretically do… without speaking,” Ripa said. “But I think the audience would get bored.” For these two, teamwork means everything. Kelly admits that they don’t even need words sometimes, “We’re morphing into each other,” Seacrest proudly added.


E! People’s Choice Awards Nomination

E! has recently announced the full list of nominees for its inaugural People’s Choice Awards show, which airs live on Sunday, November 11 on E! and Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa have made the cut! Of course, one of the best reactions came from the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” team who found out about their daily show nomination from E! News.

After Seacrest and Ripa were told that they could win an award at this year’s show, the hosts started hugging and celebrating! Ripa told Seacrest “You’re my choice,” upon hearing the news to which Seacrest added, “I pick you.” A few seconds later, Ripa focused on the fans and their votes, “The people have spoken! A vote for us, is a vote for America and Canada.”

Co-hosts and good friends laughed as they held a bottle of champagne and enjoyed the news about this year’s nomination. The two couldn’t stop hugging and making jokes about what they would do if they won an award. Ripa hilariously promised all the things she would implement if they won!

One of those things were Bonne Bell vending machines in bathrooms and free tampons for all, but also, four day weekends! Seacrest wrapped things up with the loud and clear message, “So, vote for us!”

Ripa used this opportunity to tell Ryan Seacrest that he deserves it, adding, ”You make everything good.” This is not the only time that Kelly has publicly supported Ryan and everything he does. Seacrest has been a part of Ripa’s life for the past 15 years, and while they are known for sharing perfect chemistry in front the viewers, they are also very much involved in each other’s lives. Ryan called Kelly “my life coach” on a few occasions and Kelly was the first to support Seacrest’s love choice by saying that he is such a great catch.

“He could be penny-less but he is just a good soul. He’s a good person and he cares about people. He’s authentic. It’s not an act. This is not an act,” she explained. “This is who he is. He’s a tireless worker. He’s incredibly empathetic. He’s empathetic to women’s causes and women’s issues in a way that I’m just… He never ceases to amaze me. Jackpot,” Ripa said.

“Live with Kelly and Ryan” started in May 2017, when Ripa finally announced on-air that Ryan Seacrest would officially be joining the Live family as the new co-host! Soon after that, Ripa and Seacrest walked out on the Live stage hand-in-hand and the rest was history. For those who don’t remember, before Seacrest, Ripa co-hosted the show with Michael Strahan, who surprised everyone when he announced that he was leaving the show to become a full-time co-anchor on “Good Morning America.”

For a full year, Ripa welcomed many A-list men and women (67 in total) as guest co-hosts, including Jimmy Kimmel, Carrie Ann Inaba, Jussie Smollett, Neil Patrick Harris, Dwyane Wade, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. But nobody was better than Ryan Seacrest!


Giuliana Rancic and Ryan Seacrest Reunite on E! News

Giuliana Rancic is another powerful woman Ryan Seacrest loves working with. Luckily for him, she has signed on to return to E! News and co-host alongside Jason Kennedy. TV personality will appear on the cable network’s daily evening news program three years after her departure from the show. Rancic was promoted to an anchor role in 2005 and has shared co-hosting roles with Ryan Seacrest and Terrence J.

“Returning to host E! News is every bit as thrilling to me today as it was 16 years ago when I joined the show and embarked on this wonderful career,” said Giuliana. “Co-hosting alongside one of my best friends, Jason Kennedy, with one of the most talented teams in entertainment journalism, makes this move even more special. I can’t wait to reconnect with the E! News audience and go on this journey together once again.”

To celebrate Rancic’s big return to E!, her former co-worker, Ryan Seacrest, popped up via Skype for a reunion with Kennedy. “Someone I love and you love, who is very busy, wanted to say hello,” said Jason. “Let’s bring this person up via Skype.” As Giuliana closed her eyes, Jason asked Seacrest to say something and let Rancic guess his voice. “Alright, my voice is disguised right now,” Ryan continued the game. Giuliana recognized the voice right away and jokingly asked “Okay, if this is a disguise, is this George Clooney pretending to be Ryan Seacrest?”

Both of the anchors were more than happy to see each other again. “I am so happy to see you back there in that seat,” said Ryan. “I miss you, Ryan,” Giuliana responded right away. “I’ve been gone for three years and it’s good to be back. I always missed you guys.” she concluded.

Ryan Seacrest was open about how much he loved working with Rancic. He admitted that he’s always admired her for being such a professional. “You were a big reason why I wanted to be on E! News for so many years. Thank you for coming back and I want you to know how special that time was that we had together while doing the show on E! News,” Ryan said.

Jason then showed a throwback photo of the three of them, “This is on my desk, this is the first red carpet photo of us from 2005 or 2006. You were so nice to me on the red carpet, thank you.” Seacrest and Rancic joked that Kennedy looks like he was 17 on the photo but they all agreed that Ryan Seacrest still looks the same. “You will finally work with someone who is tall,” Seacrest told Giuliana.

Despite her time away from E! News, Giuliana has always remained a part of E!’s special event coverage with a focus on awards show and the recent royal wedding. “Giuliana is an incredibly charismatic and well respected entertainment journalist,” said John Najarian, EVP and GM of news and digital at the network. “As a longtime member of the E! family, it’s exciting to welcome her back home to E! News.”

Najarian also added “While E! News has seen massive growth across digital and social, we have also continued to expand and elevate our television coverage, and Giuliana is an excellent addition to our weeknight series, which remains the most-watched entertainment news franchise with young women.”

Rancic will work closely with Kennedy, but also, she will be joining correspondents Melanie Bromley, Carissa Culiner, Kristin Dos Santos, Zuri Hall, Erin Lim, Will Marfuggi, Sibley Scoles and Justin Sylvester.

Giuliana returned to E! News on September 4, three years after she left the network to focus on her family. She will continue to host E! Live From the Red Carpet specials for the network and she’ll officially replace Maria Menounos whose exit in summer of 2017 as overshadowed by E! News Catt Sadler’s sudden departure at the end of year after 12 years at the network.


Giuliana On Air With Ryan Seacrest

Giuliana stopped by “On Air With Ryan Seacrest”  to chat her return to E! News, but she also discussed the reasons why she and her handsome husband Bill Rancic stopped filming their reality show “Giuliana & Bill.”

“We were very open about our lives… We put it all out there and it was amazing,” Giuliana was honest. “We loved it. We don’t have any regrets at all because a lot of people do these shows and are like, ‘What was I thinking?’ Not at all. So proud of it,” she said. “What happened was when we were talking about a new season and we were going through what we would talk about in this new season and show in this new season, Duke was at an age that was just not really the age we wanted to put him on camera. I just felt like I was a first-time mom, I had a young son, and these were just things I didn’t want cameras around for. They were so, kind of, personal and private.”

But Giuliana isn’t opposed to resuming the show either. “I have to say, a lot of people ask us about it and we we’re so proud of it, I wonder if there is a version of it and now that Duke is a little older maybe we will have to revisit it,” she added.

Giuliana’s schedule is definitely full now with the return to E! News. “I started on E! News in 2002 so if you do that math that’s a long time ago, 16 years, and you came on board in 2006 and you were there a long time, Ryan,” Giuliana said while reflecting on her time working with former E! co-host Ryan Seacrest.

Giuliana also explained there wasn’t any drama when she decided to stop working for a while. “I stopped doing it like three years ago and people think there’s like drama behind it. People assume that there’s got to be something behind the scenes happening and there really wasn’t,” she shared.

“What it really came down to was it was really a couple years in the making. I had gone through breast cancer. I had just had a baby and I just needed to be home with my family and we’d been through so much I just wanted to step away for a little and move to Chicago where Bill is from and be near our family and friends and E! was so supportive.”

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