When Dr. Conrad Murray revealed he ‘held Michael Jackson’s penis every night‘ he took TMI to a whole new level.

Now, he has some competition from Sharon Osbourne, who revealed to the British public that she had work done on her nether-regions.

Talk-show host Graham Norton asked Sharon, who has been very open about her past cosmetic surgeries, which procedure was the most painful. Without missing a beat Sharon announced to the studio audience and almost 1 million people watching live that it was “Having my vagina tightened.”

The gasps from the audience said it all. Fellow guest Colin Farrell’s face lit up as he asked her how it was done. Ever the flirt, Sharon leaned in and whispered “I’ll show you later” into his ear. I doubt Ozzy Osbourne has anything to worry about – clearly he’s been doing some damage on his own…

Sharon went on to explain the pain of the procedure, called a labiaplasty. “It was the worst. Oh, it was just excruciating,” she said before explaining she couldn’t move for days after the procedure.

The interview then took a more serious turn when her autobiography came up. The book reveals she tried to run Ozzy over, Ozzy tried to kill her, and that she sold all of Ozzys cars after he relapsed into alcoholism and started driving drunk.

Check out the interview below and kudos for your brutal honesty, Sharon. It’s rare in this world and we love you for it!