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The first film to star Rebel Wilson as the leading lady is set to hit theaters on Valentine’s Day. She recently revealed on her Instagram that her character in the movie wears clothing from Wilson’s plus size clothing line Rebel Wilson x Angels.

The movie is a satire on romantic comedies. Wilson plays Natalie, a New York City architect hoping to make it big. She’s never really paid much attention to her fashion or looks and isn’t interested in making men fall for her. But when a mugging goes wrong and Natalie suffers a head injury, she wakes up as the star of a romantic comedy.

Suddenly, Natalie is wildly attractive to the men in her life, including the hunky architect client Blake, played by Liam Hemsworth. Natalie calls emergency responders because her apartment has suddenly become huge and is perfectly decorated. Her enormous walk-in closet is full of girly and trendy clothes that were never there before.

It’s inside this closet that Wilson announced you’ll see many pieces from her own collection. Her Instagram post shows her inside that massive walk-in closet on set holding a tan suede jacket from her clothing line. The merchandise tag is prominently placed so you can tell it’s part of her brand.

Her Instagram caption reads: “Fun fact: in my character Natalie’s HUGE closet in ISN’T IT ROMANTIC I filled it mainly with @rebelwilsonxangels clothing! You can check out what’s instores and online now at cool places like Dillard’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, AdditionElle, Dia&Co and so many more and coming soon to Australia to David Jones and Myer x.”

The designs she wears in the movie are bold. She shared a picture of her and Hemsworth on set. She’s wearing a red evening gown with a plunging neckline that sits off the shoulders. Another photo shows her in a fitted red dress with a deep V-neck with her costars and director from the movie.

About Rebel Wilson x Angels clothing line

Rebel Wilson said she had never imagined she would start her own clothing line. Nevertheless, in 2017 she unveiled Rebel Wilson x Angels. The tagline on the website says: “a contemporary lifestyle collection for curvy women because #StyleHasNoSize.”

The clothing line offers sizes from 14 to 24. During her clothing line debut in June 2017, Wilson was quoted as saying, “Obviously I just feel like plus-size fashion is underserved and, since the average size of an American women is 16 to 18, why aren’t there more brands, more options?”

She firmly believes that good fashion should not end at size 2 or 4 for women. Her line features new styles every six weeks to stay on-trend. As she said in her Instagram post, is available at Lord & Taylor, Dillard’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, AdditionElle, Dia&Co, and shoppers can browse the styles on her website,

Her inspiration for the clothing line comes from her experience of working with stylists to create her own red carpet-worthy ensembles. She’s taken this knowledge and applied it to her clothing line with input from her stylist, Elizabeth Stewart.

In addition to her own inspiration and those of her stylist, at the launch of her clothing company, Wilson said she would be listening to what her fans were asking for and reacting accordingly.

One of the big reasons for this is because she said she would be a guest on a TV program or red carpet and get asked where she got her outfit. It was tough to have to respond to her fans that the outfit was made especially for her and that they couldn’t find it in stores. Now she can share those styles with others to help women feel comfortable, confident and sexy no matter what size they wear.

Why Rebel Wilson believes plus size clothing should be fashionable

Running a plus size clothing company that works hard to be trendy, sassy and confident is difficult when that’s not the way most plus size lines operate. When retailers asked her to make the clothes more “tent like” she said no.

Her goal is to keep her clothing line youthful and offer something the other designers don’t. She’s encouraging plus size women to celebrate their bodies instead of hiding them under baggy clothes. With flattering designs, she’s hoping to change the conversation about plus size women.

The theme for her holiday collection was power dressing to focus on empowering women.  The Australian actress says she went to an all-girls school where it was stressed to her that girls can do anything.

Wearing her own clothing line on set is not new for Rebel Wilson. She did the same thing during “Pitch Perfect 3” where her character, Fat Amy, is comfortable and confident in who she is. It was the perfect character to show plus size women that they shouldn’t feel as though they can’t be fashionable.

The items she sported in “Pitch Perfect 3” were then made available as part of her collection that year. Wilson loved the way she felt wearing a sparkly gold cocktail dress in the movie. She felt like she was fashionable right alongside the other characters in the movie.

In November 2018, Rebel Wilson x Angels announced on its Instagram page that it would be adding shoes in 2019. The announcement was well received. One comment on the post said, “Finally boots that will fit my legs!!!! I am so so excited about this!!!!”

Additional enterprises

Rebel Wilson has never been one to just sit back and enjoy her success. The actress could have stayed in Australia where she was building a name for herself with various roles in movies and television programs. Instead, she moved to the U.S. and began her career in Hollywood.

Camp Sugar is Wilson’s production company. She writes her own scripts and sells them to studios. The mission of the production company is to empower women. The first film from her production company will be released in May 2019.

“The Hustle” is a remake of the 1988 comedy “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.” The original version of the movie starred Steve Martin and Michael Caine. Wilson’s version will star her and Anne Hathaway as the down-and-out con artists that compete to see who will leave town.

As she does with her clothing line, Wilson is very interested in how her films are received. She has been known to attend test screenings in disguise to better understand what her fans think of her work. She’s hands on in improving and growing her business.

In addition to her production company, one article called Wilson a “Rebel with a cause” for her work in Tanzania to sponsor students at St. Jude’s. Her first student sponsorship was Winnie who she exchanged letters with in her mission to help the girl’s family escape poverty through a higher education.

See Rebel Wilson’s designs in “Isn’t It Romantic”

Isn’t It Romantic” comes to theaters February 14, 2019. It’s a great chance to see Wilson’s clothing line in action. The film will be a fun one for women and girls to see as it shows a confident woman who doesn’t need the interest and attention from men to define her.

In the beginning of the film, we see Wilson’s character get a lecture from her mom about how girls like her don’t find romance. On Valentine’s Day, we’ll see how that notion comes out for the character and how she proves girl power

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