One Direction member Niall Horan has been attacked by a paparazzo.


Niall Horan Attack Tweet

Everyone’s favorite claustrophobic Irishman Niall Horan was dragged to the floor by an aggressive photographer shortly after the group arrived at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Horan was quick to share the news with worried fans and reassure them he’s OK, tweeting: “Just got dragged to the floor by some idiot with a camera! Could have seen the fans as well, but they messed it all up!”

A few fans managed to see the boys, but most were pushed out of the way by paparazzi trying to get their pictures. In the fray one of the photographers grabbed Niall trying to pull him closer, but only ended up dragging him down the ground when he was pushed by another paparazzo. His security was quick to respond by leading him away, which meant hundreds of Directioners gathered at the airport didn’t get to see the British boy band at all. Niall was not injured.

We spoke to one of the -more respectable- paps on the scene, who told us: “[One Direction] were totally mobbed by fans and paps when they arrived at LAX. They were being attacked, verbally and physically, by paps trying to [get a rise out of] them the moment they stepped outside.” Check out an image of the chaos below:

One Direction - November 2013 LAX Arrival

Niall Horan Attack Tweet 2

The One Direction boys are in Los Angeles, CA to promote their upcoming album ‘Midnight Memories.’ Even though the album won’t be released until November 25, the full album has already leaked online. Louis Tomlinson has already commented on the leak, telling Digital Spy: “It’s just frustrating when you work so hard on an album and you kind of want everyone to hear it at the same time. Some fans won’t listen to it until it’s out, which is great. But there are others who obviously can’t help themselves.”

On November 23, two days before the album is released, the band will hold a global “1D Day” event. Streaming live from Los Angeles, the group will perform songs from ‘Midnight Memories,’ talk about their lives and music, make comedy sketches, and broadcast fan-made videos from around the world. The event will last for seven hours, and stream from

Popular radio host Ryan Seacrest will also host a special event at the iHeartRadio Theatre in Los Angeles. A select group of friends and fans were invited to the event, which will feature a live performance, an intimate Q&A session with Ryan Seacrest, and a track-by-track explanation of every song on the album. The event will air on ClearChannel stations nationwide at 6PM PST on November 25, 2013.

Watch the latest ‘Midnight Memories’ Countdown video below: