NThe longstanding feud between rap divas Nicki Minaj and Cardi B boiled over this weekend. Both women were present at a party hosted by Harper’s Party Icons. The party was part of festivities associated with New York Fashion Week. The two crossed paths while leaving the party and a brawl ensued.

Partygoers were swift to pull out their phones as the fight began. Videos of the incident have surfaced online. One video seems to show Cardi B being restrained while Nicki Minaj is allowed to leave the building.

Police officers were alerted by security personnel working at the party of a disturbance in progress. A source for the police department said that a guest of the party was interviewed but did not wish to file a complaint.

No definitive reason for the altercation has been cited but Cardi B may have provided a hint through her Instagram account. Not long after the fight, she spoke about the fight in a video she posted on Instagram.

Between curse words, Cardi B informed the social media world that Nikki Minaj had criticized her parenting skills. Cardi B is the mother of a three-month-old daughter.

Nicki Minaj did not seem bothered much about the fight only moments after it was over. Minaj was observed blowing kisses at onlookers while sitting in a car outside the building where the party was held.

An insider close to Minaj said that she was taking the incident as no big deal. The insider also said that it is Minaj’s hopes that the incident would not result in more conflict.

Nicki Minaj spoke recently about the fight while giving an interview with radio host Zane Lowe. Minaj explained that Cardi B never ‘shows her love.’ She went on to say that many girls would love to do a song with Nicki Minaj. Minaj spoke of herself in the third person while referring to the fact that the two rappers appeared together on a song once with the rap group Migos.

An eyewitness said that the tension began when Cardi B became aware of Minaj’s near proximity. The witness said that there was screaming before a physical altercation. It was then that Cardi B threw her shoe at Minaj when bodyguards would not allow the fight to progress.

Cardi B could be seen in a video with a clearly visible welt on the side of her head. Another onlooker said that she was unsure of the source of the welt but was sure it was not a result of an attack from Nicki Minaj.

Police made no arrests as a result of the incident.