The wait is over.

After Drake released his song “Back To Back”, essentially annihilating Meek Mill, fans thought it was over. There were multiple posts on Twitter attacking Meek, stating that he was too scared to respond to Drake, and that Drake had completely ended Meek Mill’s career. Those people were wrong.

Today, Meek Mill has decided it was time to silence the haters, and has now dropped his hot diss track against Drake in an effort to restore his credibility in the rap game, and to show that Drake hasn’t ended him at all; he has only made him even better.

Before his big break, Meek Mill was a battle rapper, and has now returned to his roots to tackle Drake and take the beef to a new level.

The track, which was hosted by Funkmaster Flex on his Hot 97 radio station, was preceded by Flex releasing Quentin Miller’s reference tracks for “Know Yourself”, “Rico”, and “10 Bands”.

At 10:30 Pm on the radio, Flex played the track while simultaneously sending shots at Charlemagne. Flex stated that “Charlemagne should stay drinking that piss water that they’re sending you. I’m drinking ciroc!!”Then, Flex stated that Charlamagne was a “Smurf.” Possibly starting a new beef between the two DJ’s.

Meek Mill then absolutely UNLEASHED on Drake. In this public display of pure ruthlessness that will, no doubt, completely set the rap game on fire, Meek Mill has completely aired Drake out, in an attempt to expose him as a fraud.

Meek Mill spits over an intense beat, with multiple beat switches, throughout

Standout lines include: “I just wanna know, was it Quentin Miller, was it Hutchen, was it Detail where you really got your flow??” Referencing Drake’s plethora of Ghostwriters.

“All I hear is platinum neck, platinum this, meanwhile I’m on the cover with a platinum chick” Meek Mill viciously states, declaring that all of Drake’s platinum material objects don’t hold a candle to what Meek Mill has in the form of Nicki Minaj.

“If you ain’t bout that running through the six sh*t, then tell us all who you was runnin’ through the six wit??”

Throughout the track Meek Mill stays at the top of his game. This could go down as one of the bet diss tracks of all time.

This Meek Mill and Drake beef may go down in history, a feud between people who were once dear friends, now turned enemies. All we know for sure, though, is that the rap game has been changed forever.

Stream the hot track below: