If you have been searching for vegan beauty products but don’t know where to turn, you might think you are alone. Many people search for these products and have trouble finding ones that meet their needs. Although plenty of consumers share your goal and don’t know how to achieve it, you can get the products you want by going to Lime Crime. The company offers tons of beauty supplies that will put a smile on your face, proving you have made a smart decision.


Lime Crime is dedicated to promoting a cruelty-free culture and never sells or endorses products that harm people or animals. The collection they have on hand impresses most people who visit their website, and you will likely agree that Lime Crime stands out from the heard when you see the lineup. No matter your tastes or desired style, you should have no trouble locating makeup, eyeliner, lip gloss and other items that are sure to grab your attention.

Lime Crime acquired by Tengram Capital Partners and now led by Stacy Panagakis

Lime Crime Overview


Now that we have your attention, it’s time to give you a basic overview of Lime Crime and the values for which it stands. Most of the beauty supply shops near you and online sell different variants of the same products. Buying products from standard stores forces you to fit in with the crowd and prevents you from letting your true personality shine to the surface.


Many people go along with trends because they don’t think any other path exists, but it does. At Lime Crime, they want you to show the world how unique and special you are, and the products they offer prove it. You can buy hair care products and other items in a range of colors and styles that empower you to stand out from the crowd in ways nobody can ignore.





Those who visit Lime Crime for the first time are impressed when discovering the range of available products. You will find lip glosses in several colors as well as an impressive collection of hair care products. The website offers hair dyes in a range of colors that will leave a lasting impression.


Mixers and tints are among the other hair care supplies you will discover when visiting the website. If you are looking for eye makeup that will take your breath away, Lime Crime will do the job and give you what you need. You can get great deals when you buy bundle packages, so consider that option if you wish to save money on your order.



A Close Look at What Cruelty-Free Means


Whether you have recently learned about Lime Crime or have been shopping with them for a while, you have probably seen us use the term cruelty-free and wonder what it means. This section sheds some light on the term so that you will know what to expect when you by something from their store. Most beauty supply retailers use products that the manufacturers tested on living animals. Before releasing products to the public, they apply them to animals and monitor the reactions. These tests are often so harmful that they injure or kill the animals.


At Lime Crime, the team believes such testing is immoral and promises never to promote those products. Being a cruelty-free supplier means they never use products that someone tested on animals. Buying from Lime Crime gives you peace of mind that you are not contributing to companies that engage in those methods. By inviting even more people to purchase only cruelty-free products, Lime Crime can help stop companies from abusing our furry friends.

Those going to college are often on budgets and need to use caution in how they spend their money. Some students believe that buying cruelty-free products won’t fit into their budget. Since these products are vegan-friendly, they often cost more than other beauty products on the market, so the concern is understandable. Lime Crime wants students of all backgrounds to have access to high-quality beauty products and is proud to offer a student discount.


If you are going to college and want to buy from them, you can get a 15 percent discount. People have called and emailed their support team to find out if they can apply the student discount to the other sales they offer. Even if they list products at a reduced rate, you can still use your 15 percent discount to save even more money. You must register an account and prove that you are a student, and the team will automatically apply the discount to each order you submit.


The caring experts at Lime Crime understand that word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind of marketing, and they would like your help. If you are happy with the products you buy and want your friends to enjoy the benefits, you can enroll in the referral program.


You will get a link you can send to your friends, and Lime Crime will give you and your friend a 20 percent discount. Tracking cookies are how they know when one of your referrals makes a purchase. Offering this program allows Lime Crime to get many more customers and helps you save on your next purchase, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.


If you have a friend or family member who would enjoy our products, you might not know what products your loved one will like the most. Rather than buying something and hoping for the best, take the safe path. You can buy Lime Crime gift cards for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties and a range of other special events.


Those who want to look their best without putting animals in harm’s way will love getting a gift card from Lime Crime, and the smile on their face will let you know you have made a smart decision. Gift cards are available in amounts between $15 and $150, and you can always buy additional cards if you would like to give more than that.

Those who shop online know the feeling of sitting by the window and waiting for the delivery truck to drop off their order. The products sold by Lime Crime come with order tracking so that you will know the location of your package at all times. You can plan around the expected delivery date to get the product in your hands as quickly as possible.


If you are anything like others who shop online, you are not a fan of paying costly shipping and handling fees. You can bypass that roadblock when shopping with Lime Crime because they provide free shipping when you place orders worth $40 or more. Keeping more money in your pocket allows you to look great without harming your bank account.


With the rising threat of cybercrime, consumers who shop online have a growing concern about identity theft. A lot of websites store customer information so that people can check out much faster. The problem is that criminals are always looking for ways to access databases and steal sensitive data, such as credit card numbers and bank account information. You won’t want to spend a penny online unless you know your information is in good hands at all times.


Lime Crime uses the latest encryption technology to keep your information safe from those who would harm you. Also, they never store your credit card number, which lets them reduce the threat even more. Lime Crime’s website has fraud detection software that detects unauthorized credit card use, taking your safety and security to a whole new level. Customers are pleased to discover how many steps this site uses to keep criminals at bay.



Acquisition by Tengram Capital


Lime Crime announced June 18, 2018, that Tengram Capital bought the company. Tengram Capital is an investment company that focuses on consumer brands and beauty products. Although some customers were caught off guard by the change in ownership, they were thrilled to discover Tengram Capital will continue the brand’s mission of connecting consumers with beauty products created in a cruelty-free environment.


The acquisition by Tengram Capital has allowed Lime Crime to expand its reach and to offer high-quality beauty supplies to a much larger audience. As a company that empowers people to stand out from the crowd, Lime Crime continues setting trends and making waves in the fashion industry.


Lime Crime is a beauty company whose mission is to sell and promote cruelty-free makeups, eyeliners and other beauty products to those who care about the impact they have on the world around them. The company provides several discounts to allow consumers to enjoy the products without overspending or breaking into their savings account.


Allowing customers to buy cruelty-free products that let them express themselves and their personalities is the key to which Lime Crime owes its success and long-term profitability. Lime Crime’s team encourages anyone curious about these products to head to the website and to give them a try, and most people will be glad they did.

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