The relationship between NBA star Blake Griffin and celebrity Kendall Jenner may not be as strong as it first appeared. Griffin, who is starting power forward for the Los Angeles Clippers, has been dating Jenner since the summer of 2017. Jenner has been seen at several Clippers games to support Griffin, but there’s a chance that those days are numbered.

Sources told PEOPLE that the relationship between Griffin and Jenner has taken a bit of a nosedive. While the two haven’t officially called it quits, there are witnesses who claim that Griffin was in Soho Malibu having dinner with another woman. The witnesses noted that the two seemed like a couple rather than just friends. There is also a claim that the woman laid her hand on Griffin’s lap and he held her hand there for at least five minutes.

Prior to his relationship with Jenner, Griffin had split from Brynn Cameron. She is the mother of Griffin’s two children. The two were said to have ended their relationship on good terms and remain friends.

Before recent news broke, PEOPLE had gotten word from a source that Jenner was happy in her relationship with Griffin. At the time, the two had taken their relationship up a notch from casual to a more serious approach. Furthermore, the source claimed that Jenner’s family was accepting of Griffin and made the effort to try to know him.

While the two were getting along, a commitment to its fullest potential may have not been there. Back in November, the two hit the red carpet for the premiere of The 5th Quarter. They made separate appearances. This caused people to speculate on whether or not the two were losing interest in one another. Those concerns seemed to be laid to rest when an observer told PEOPLE that the two were together at some point.