On Friday night at around 9:00 p.m., Justin Beiber found himself involved in a minor fender bender in West Hollywood, California.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that the 24-year-old singer had been in an accident. They also indicated that no police report was taken at the scene of the incident.

According to a witness at the scene, the car accident took place on Sunset Boulevard, across the street from the Shamrock Social Club. At the moment, it is not exactly clear how the accident happened, but the witness has stated that it occurred when Beiber attempted to merge into another lane.

The witness further said that — after the incident occurred — Beiber got out of his vehicle and rushed over to the other vehicle, and he right way discussed the situation with the other driver. He also seemed calm, the witness says, and he was very interesting in the well being of the passengers in the other car.

Police arrived on the scene shortly thereafter.

The witness went on to say that while Beiber’s vehicle — a blue Mercedes G-Wagon — did not seem damaged, the front of the other vehicle was badly damaged. The witness also indicated that she left scene before Beiber did, so she does not know if he was able to drive off in his own car.

This is not first time that the singer has been involved in a car collision. Last July, he stuck the vehicle of Maurice Lamont, who is a 57-year-old photographer. The incident occurred in Beverly Hills after Beiber left a church service he was attending at the City Church. Authorities later determined that Lamont and not Beiber was responsible for the accident, and Beiber was neither charged nor cited in relation to the incident.

The famed singer made headlines earlier this week, when the paparazzi spotted him dancing with a model named Baskin Champion while attending a concert in Los Angeles. This occurred amidst rumors that his relationship with Selena Gomez is on shaky grounds. A source close to Beiber says that he is trying to show Gomez that he can get by without her. This same source added that he is probably trying to make her jealous as well.