Justin Bieber was busted after sleeping with a Brazilian prostitute.

Just hours ago a video appeared on YouTube purportedly showing the “Baby” popstar sleeping after ‘bumping boots’ with a woman who locals suggest may be a transsexual prostitute.



The video is the latest in a string of negative attention the Biebs has been getting since landing in Brazil for two shows in Brazil and Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo for the South American leg of his ‘Believe’ tour. He has already been photographed leaving a brothel, putting graffiti on walls (which made the local police charge him with vandalism), and he was also seen inviting women back to his rented mansion for reasons unknown; and now with the possibility of him sleeping with a transsexual prostitute, things seems to be getting weirder and weirder.


(1) The girl’s name is Tati Neves, and she is not a prostitute or a transsexual. She was one of 30 girls who were invited back to the Bieb’s rented mansion after he hit a nightclub in Rio De Janeiro.

(2) Bieber’s camp have released a statement confirming the girl was a guest at the house for a party who overstayed her welcome in the creepiest way possible; supposedly sneaking into the host’s bedroom and taking the video. The statement seems unlikely as given, as all the girls were made to sign a confidentiality contract and are searched for phones and cameras before being allowed anywhere near the “Baby” star. Either someone in Bieb’s camp is lying, or you should expect a vacancy in his security team very soon.