Iconic R&B group Jodeci have been booed off stage in London.

The group reunited to perform a reunion gig last night (March 23) at Wembley Arena in London, England alongside other groups of their era, including SWV, Dru Hill and Blackstreet.

The sold-out concert appeared to be a crowd-pleaser at first. However, sources speaking to Running Lip called it “fantastic, until Jodeci showed up.”

The group started at a disadvantage when DeVante Swing proved to be a no-show.  However, a missing member proved the be the least of attendees complaints.

Jodeci were said to be singing off-key for most of their performance, and many were left bewildered when Mr. Dalvin jumped off the stage into the crowd and was unable to pull himself back onto the stage to finish the song.

Longtime Jodeci fan Andre Miller told us: “I’m devastated. They were singing the classics and everything was good until Mr. Dalvin jumped off the stage and couldn’t climb back up. Then K-Ci & JoJo took the solo and couldn’t keep it together. They missed all the notes they were singing. Dru Hill had to take over and sing their own songs for them.”

Check out one fan’s take on the performance below:

>> More clips of the entire performance can be found on ‘Only_Shotz’ Keek.

It was during K-Ci & JoJo’s reportedly mis-harmonized take on Stevie Wonder‘s ‘Lately’ that people started leaving the venue and others that remained started booing. Twitter immediately lit up with complaints from angry fans of the group:

Jodeci are considered by many to be the epitome of ’90s R&B, and New Jack Swing. The group, which includes K-CiDeVante SwingJo-JoMr. Dalvin, and new member Derek DeGrate have had their past troubles well publicized, and this incident is just the latest in a string of lackluster performances in recent years.

Another Jodeci reunion concert in Sydney, Australia in 2008 ended in disaster when, after Devante Swing failed to show up, JoJo reportedly left the stage for five minutes, and minutes after returning he collapsed on stage.

Watch a clip of their London performance below:

Also, check out Joedci’s biggest hit from 1995, Freak’N You, below: