Ben Affleck and Jeniffer Lopez wed on Saturday in a small ceremony in Las Vegas. Their two-part culminating relationship stretching over two decades, involving countless tabloids and two separate romances, evolved into a late-night union in a Las Vegas drive-through chapel.

Jennifer Lopez announced the marriage through her newsletter for fans titled “We did it.” she initially made her engagement to Ben Affleck public in April through the same platform with the heading “On the J Lo.” Lopez wrote in the newsletter that love is beautiful, kind, and as it turns out, also patient, (describing the 20 years she’s been in a relationship with Ben Affleck).

Ben Affleck, 49, and Jeniffer Lopez, 52, dated in the 2000s and got engaged in 2003; however, they never wed. Ben Affleck wed Jennifer Garner in 2005 and got three children with her but divorced in 2018. Lopez has been married thrice to Ojani Noa, Chriss Judd, and Marc Anthony, with whom she has twins (14-year old).

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were seen together in mid-2021. Later, the pair went public with their relationship around that time (July) and got engaged in April.

Earlier this month, Lopez let her fans know that she and Ben Affleck flew to Vegas on Saturday and waited in line with four other couples to get their license. The couple was wed a little after midnight at a Las Vegas Drive through chapel- A Little White Wedding Chapel.

Lopez described the moment as the best night of their lives.

News of the couple’s nuptials spread on Sunday after the clerk’s office in Clark County, Nevada, reflected that the couple obtained a marriage license processed the previous day. Information in the license shows that Jeniffer Lopez plans to take Ben Affleck’s last name, changing hers to Jeniffer Affleck.

However, Ben Affleck’s and Jeniffer Lopez’s representatives have declined to make any comments.