Justin Bieber is probably one of the hardest people to meet as a fan. Numerous incidents have shown that he thinks that personal meetings with fans are very stressful. You can´t really blame him, he has a tough schedule and he knows that he can´t meet all of his fans.

On his previous tours, he has done something called “meet and great”. This is not something that they are selling on his “Purpose Tour”. They are selling VIP-packages but from what we can read on these tickets – they don`t guarantee any meet with the star.

In order to meet him in person our recommendations are as following:

  • Wait outsides venues – make a big sign
  • Do not follow him into bars and restaurants. You need to respect his privacy
  • Try to get tickets to TV-shows where is a guest, such as The Ellen Show
  • Be respectful and pleasant

The important thing if you would like to meet him is to not get overboard. Running after cars or sneaking into his hotel, will probably just make you a stalker.  Be creative. A great story of inspiration is the story of how Omar Bhatti became best friends with Michal Jacks. He was standing outside his hotel room singing with a rose in his hands.