What did I just watch?!

Your friendly neighborhood Fox & Friends hosts invited Derrick Van Orden, the unpleasant former Navy SEAL best known for his book of hyper-masculine B.S. that’s supposed to explain ‘how to be a man,’ on the show for a series of so-called “manhood tests.”

I was under the impression that the only “manhood test” that mattered was whether you decide to tell people that you’re male. But according to Fox, all it takes to be a man is the ability to change a car tire. Sounds simple, right. Well, Fox & Friends hosts Scott Brown and the ever-sexist Brian Kilmeade made it seem anything but.

Lugnuts were strewn everywhere while the only person that probably knew how to change a tire, Elisabeth Hasselback, was relegated to the sidelines and forced to look on as his jack collapsed. Some say the lost lugnuts that rolled away during the segment are still travelling freely around New York City

Initially, I wasn’t sure whether I was watching morning TV or a new sequel to Dumb & Dumber. They messed up so badly the car almost rolled away on its own mid-segment. A Fox news host was almost hit by a parked car!

Messy. Just watch the video.