There are people who have a routine each morning that works for them. They might enjoy a cup of coffee before getting the day started or take a walk with the dog before doing anything else in the house. Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, and she has a routine that she follows each morning as well. She has beauty products that she uses each day as well as music that helps to get her energized and excited for what the day has to offer.


Doe doesn’t need an alarm in the morning to get up at 8:30. She gets at least nine hours of sleep each night, but she wants everyone to know that each person is different. Some people might need less sleep than that while others might need more. Doe explains that a good night’s sleep is one of the steps to keeping her skin clear. She’s a morning person and has set her internal clock to get up at a certain time each morning. Doe enjoys eating breakfast each day and enjoys seeing what the day holds in store.


Each day begins with drinking water. Since Doe lives in Los Angeles where the air is a bit drier than in other areas of the country, she knows that staying as hydrated as possible is important for herself and others. It’s recommended to get a few glasses of water into the diet throughout the day to keep the body hydrated and to give the body the energy it needs to function properly. When Doe is awake and alert, she likes to stretch and do a few other exercises since she’s not what she would consider athletic. Stretching in the morning is an easy way to get the blood flowing. Breakfast comes after stretching and exercising. Grits are a favorite meal, but Doe also enjoys eating healthy foods like fresh fruits and yogurt. She also enjoys a glass of orange juice squeezed from oranges that are picked from a tree in her yard.


One of the things that Doe uses to help dictate her life is the calendar on her phone. She checks it each morning to see what the day holds, such as appointments or meetings that she has with people in her company. Doe likes to maintain contact with the team at Lime Crime using a chat system that is in place. This gives her an idea as to what is happening at the company before she arrives. She tries to avoid using electronics as much as possible in the morning so that she can focus more on creating new products. She believes that emails and phone calls can be dealt with during the day instead of first thing in the morning.


When Doe does her makeup, she likes to listen to her favorite music. One of her favorite groups is The Beatles. Doe used to listen to records of the group when she was younger, so she tries to maintain the nostalgia by listening to the same music today. She has a face wash that she uses each morning called Glossier. The beautiful smell of roses wakes you up in the morning, and it’s refreshing on the face. Doe always moisturizes her face first. Then, she applies her foundation and other makeup. Doe likes using L’Oreal’s True Match Foundation because it creates a matte look on the face. She has also been working on a foundation for Lime Crime that she hopes to release in the near future. After the foundation, it’s time to apply powder and fill her eyebrows. Blush and makeup for the lips are the last things that Doe does to complete her routine for her face. She usually uses pink or red on the lips with lighter colors on the cheeks. Red Velvet and Rustic are two colors that are sold by Lime Crime that Doe enjoys using and that bring out the natural beauty of the lips. It takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to complete Doe’s makeup routine depending on how detailed she wants to get. If she’s going to be in meetings all day or needs to look her best for an important event, then she spends a little longer on her routine.


Doe takes a shower in the evenings instead of in the morning. This allows the hair to dry naturally at night so that it’s ready to style the next day. It also creates waves in the hair, which is the look that Doe enjoys because she likes to show off the color that’s in her hair at the time. Doe also likes to spend her mornings with her cats before she heads out the door. She tries to get to the Lime Crime office around noon so that she can eat lunch with her team.

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