Ezra Miller, a non-binary individual, recently announced emotional struggles. Miller is part of the latest DC Comic movies, but like many entertainers, this fame and success did not come without a significant price. The price Miller is paying appears to be mental.

In Vermont, the courts charged Miller with stealing. Neighbors apparently called a police officer to a house that was being burglarized. The residents were not home at the time. Someone was taking alcohol from the home. This event happened recently.

About two years ago, Ezra was seen choking a lady. The woman did not press charges, but there is video evidence of the alleged assault. The victim wants the situation to remain private, but she has spoken with some media outlets.

Trouble seems to follow Miller around the globe. The choking incident took place at a pub in Iceland, and before that, Miller had several run-ins with the law in Hawaii.

Other strange stories have circulated about the star. Reporters noted that a woman and three children were staying with Miller on a marijuana farm in Vermont. The crop was not licensed, which makes it an illegal grow. In addition to the pot plants, there were supposedly several guns at the home, and the children had easy access to bullets.

As far as Ezra’s movie career, it seems to be moving ahead. “The Flash ” will be hitting theaters this summer, and because of the fan base, it will likely bring in a considerable amount of earnings for the actor and possibly more work.

Warner Bros. and Discovery have supported Miller’s works in the past. With these companies, Ezra was involved in two spinoffs, but due to recent press, the marketers have not highlighted Miller’s contributions.

Miller publicly apologized and said that professional help was on the way and assured fans that the problem was being tackled. For now, Ezra will be focusing on health issues while keeping a watchful eye on Hollywood.