Estella Warren was arrested in May after crashing her Prius into three parked cars; however, the actress didn’t go down without a fight.

She physically assaulted an officer and fled the police station where she was being detained. Authorities determined she was over the legal drinking limit. Charges included a hit and run, DUI and felony escape. Her court date was set for August 19.

At Friday’s hearing the ‘Planet of the Apes’ star pleaded no-contest to the DUI charge. The plea was in response to a deal with prosecutors, who agreed to drop the other charges in exchange for the guilty plea.

Warren was sentenced to five years of probation instead of jail time. The actress was also required to pay a fine of $1,908 and attend an alcohol program for a year and a half.

Her rep has since released a statement People: “I take my actions and their consequences very seriously. I can’t express enough how grateful I am that no one was injured or hurt. Moving forward I am focusing all my efforts on my career, my family and being a good influence [on] others.”

Warren was previously convicted of drunk driving in 2007.