Doe Deere’s trendsetting company, Lime Crime, is turning up the heat this summer with its stunning new lipstick duos called Kitty Bundles. In addition to giving customers’ lips a color boost, the duos also help feral cats find forever homes. About 20 percent of each Kitty Bundle purchase will go to a dedicated feral cat rescue in Los Angeles.



What Is A Kitty Bundle?

A Kitty Bundle is a set of two different lipstick colors that look good together. They can be blended or worn separately. There are four named sets that are designed to meet the style preferences of varying customers. For example, customers who like a bold look will love the dark plum and mauve colors included in the Bite bundle. Customers who like a hot late-summer look will enjoy the rose bronze and burnt bronze colors of the Purr set.


For customers who want to shine and sparkle every day, the Meow set is a perfect choice with its rose and gold colors in metallic glittery finishes. The Pounce bundle is a good choice for a subtle look with its muted matte rose and apricot beige colors. The four sets have colors that come from its Velvetines, Diamond Crusher and Unicorn lipstick lines. Customers can purchase the Kitty Bundles with confidence knowing that Lime Crime does not test its products on animals or use any animal byproducts in any of the cosmetics.



How Kitty Bungalow Puts Donated Funds To Good Use

The Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats is more commonly called Kitty Bungalow. It was founded in 2010 in Los Angeles to help combat the feral cat overpopulation problem in the city. Nearly every city in the metro area has had problems with feral cats for many years. Since local rescues and shelters only accept stray or surrendered cats, the feral cats are left with little help. The Humane Society works with a few organizations to trap, neuter and return the cats. However, the city also has a problem with owners of domestic cats not spaying or neutering them and letting them repopulate with feral cats.


Kitty Bungalow only accepts feral cats. With the help of volunteers and generous donations, the school continues to operate and teach cats how to behave. Once they have learned their charms and are friendly lovable pets, they are adopted. Kitty Bungalow is California’s only cat rescue that focuses solely on feral cats. The organization also works with the Humane Society to perpetuate its TNR programs. Additionally, Kitty Bungalow educates the public about the feral cat problem as well as the importance of spaying and neutering pets. The rescue’s mission is unique, and its message is powerful. Lime Crime hopes to help spread that message to its customers and give them the chance to be a part of helping needy cats while still being rewarded. For customers who want to help even more, the Kitty Bungalow website features information about its financial sponsorship programs.


Lime Crime is thrilled that the new Kitty Bundles are a win for its customers and for the rescue group. For those who are not familiar with Lime Crime, the company places a high importance on animal welfare. This is why CEO and founder Doe Deere is conscientious about how the cosmetics are made. Love for animals is part of the company culture at Lime Crime, and most of the employees have one or more rescued pets of their own. Lime Crime donates to several animal welfare organizations regularly and generously.



About Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere

Although she was born in Russia, Doe Deere was raised in New York City. She was always fascinated with fashion. In 2004, she started selling her own DIY fashion line on eBay. Doe picked the clothes and ensembles herself, and she modeled the outfits in pictures. While customers loved her innovative fashion sense, they loved the young beauty’s eye-grabbing makeup just as much. Doe always wore bright highly pigmented colors. Her customers and her love for cosmetics inspired Doe to start a cosmetics line. Lime green is her favorite color, and her goal was to create colors so beautiful that they should be deemed illegal. That was the inspiration for the company’s name. Lime Crime was launched in 2008.


Doe’s unique philosophy on beauty is reflected in her and in her cosmetics. She says that beauty is not about hiding imperfections, following trends or finding the right color combination for natural skin tone. To her, beauty is wearing or doing what feels right in the moment whether it means wearing blue lipstick one day and natural tones the next or wearing glittery eye shadow one day and just eyeliner the next. She encourages everyone to wear only what makes them feel good and to embrace themselves for who they are. Lime Crime offers a wide array of cosmetic colors and finishes. The company is especially known for its vibrant highly pigmented colors that Doe was famous for wearing when she modeled her DIY fashion line.


To women everywhere, Doe is a true inspiration. With millions of Instagram followers, she has the opportunity to encourage women daily. She is a living example of a woman who pursued her passion and succeeded. As a powerful but humble entrepreneur, Doe gladly offers advice to women who reach out to her for help or for business startup tips. One of her recommendations is to always listen to people. Doe listens to everyone whether they like her or not. She says that people can learn from anyone by listening. Doe has built her business on listening and using feedback to benefit her company or develop new products. As an employer, Doe is proud to hire women and minorities. She encourages her employees to embrace who they are and to love themselves. Her staff share her passion for fashion and animal welfare.

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