It does not take an extensive search online or a thorough read of any beauty magazine to find a list of this season’s beauty rules to be considered sacrosanct by all obedient cosmetic queens and diva fashionistas. Even some of the more cutting-edge beauty publications fall into the seemingly inescapable trap of issuing beauty commandments to be followed at all costs. The most self-assured reader is still an easy victim to these unnecessary rules. Although it may seem like these constraints are waiting to trap makeup lovers at every turn, there is at least one daring beauty icon who is willing to upset the applecart and live by a creed of self-expression.

Doe Deere is exactly what the beauty industry has been waiting for in terms of a confident and inspired public figure who will gladly do as she pleases when it comes to expressing herself through makeup and fashion. Deere was recently interviewed by Bustle about her personal and professional success in ditching all of the typical beauty protocols and inventing her own sense of style and expression, which have been praised wildly by her loyal followers. To put it mildly, there is no beauty rule that Deere feels compelled to follow. Her guiding principle remains authenticity, which she urges all men and women to consider foremost when making their cosmetic or fashion choices. Deere has been quite successful thus far in relating to customers who have been dying to break out of the neutral and demure color palette that has dominated the makeup industry for quite some time. Some beauty leaders credit Deere as one of the major influences in pushing the beauty industry in a more vibrant and inclusive direction recently.

Even if you are not especially clued in regarding the latest beauty trends, you have almost certainly heard the advice to pick one pattern and stick to it when choosing an outfit. This is one of Deere’s personal favorite fashion rules to break because she views it as needlessly restrictive of personal expression through clothing. Deere’s social media accounts are packed with pictures of her creative and bold outfits, which frequently combine various patterns and prints. Deere has pulled off some incredible ensembles by mixing plaid pants with cartoon designs on her tops. Depending on her particular mood, Deere is able to convey strong emotions through her uninhibited wardrobe choices and doesn’t show any signs of stopping soon. There is no mistaking that Deere is content with her life and finds pleasure in ordinary encounters by one look at her whimsical outfits and affinity for bright colors. She says that there is no amount of fashion criticism in the world that could hold her back from expressing her positive outlook on life in general.

This spunky spirit carries through to Deere’s hair color, which is typically neon and curly. She scoffs at the common beauty advice that women should not combine bright hair colors with bold clothing choices. When others are held back by the frequent saying that bright hair and bright clothes do not mix, Deere finds an opening to take her overall look to unchartered territory. The same goes for her dramatic makeup choices.

Some might mistake Deere’s individualism as a form of rebellion. This is simply not the case. Deere has always abided by the fashion and beauty principle that each individual should embrace the style that makes him or her most confident and happy in that moment. Even though her clothing and makeup choices tend to consist of bright colors and bold statements, Deere says that they are merely a reflection of her outgoing personality and love of all things creative. She by no means thinks that her personal choices have to be the norm for all of her followers. Deere’s goal in sharing her beauty philosophy so openly is that more people are set free of the beauty industry norms that might be holding them back from their most exciting form of self-expression.


Deere says that she considers herself fortunate to be able to share her love of beauty and makeup with others through her own cosmetic company, Lime Crime. She serves as the CEO of the company and is actively involved in the product development and marketing. There are no shades or makeup techniques that Deere says are off-limits to her customers, which is why she has worked so hard to carry an expansive line of products. Her constant engagement on social media has allowed her to get invaluable feedback from regular customers over the years in cultivating the most desirable and top-quality inventory of beauty products. Deere is always open to new ideas for adding fun shades of color or different types of makeup.


Unlike many other executives of top makeup companies, Deere worked from the bottom up to design her own line. She practiced applying makeup and testing out new techniques through YouTube tutorials and social media postings. Her love of beauty and passion for expression shines through in all of her interactions with her followers and in the outstanding quality of the products that Lime Crime carries. Deere says that she would never sell or promote a makeup product that she would not wear herself. She has remained true to her word even after Lime Crime gained such a massive customer following. Deere remains intimately involved in trying out and manufacturing all of her new products.


If Deere had to give one piece of advice to her followers it would be to live your life out loud no matter who is watching or listening. Her dream is that all of her followers feel inspired to go after what makes them truly happy without giving a second thought to how their appearance will be judged by society. This is what Deere says keeps motivating her to push the envelope with new makeup designs and fashion choices. She will continue to be a living legend in the beauty industry as someone who can never be controlled by random and restrictive beauty standards.

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