DMX has applied for Bankruptcy protection in an attempt to keep his home and his belongings after racking up massive debts over the years.

However, it looks like might be in trouble now that a judge has struck down his Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection filing (the same filing large corporations use to stay in business when they run out of money), which means the rapper could lose his share of his family home and all of his belongings.

As first reported by The News Journal, a bankruptcy judge dismissed the 42-year-old rapper’s filing on Friday November 8 because of “Inconsistencies.”

U.S. Department of Justice Trustee Tracey Hope Davis was behind the rejection, saying he failed to give trustworthy information in his bankruptcy filing. These inconsistencies, she claimed, made it “impossible to ascertain his financial affairs,” so she filed paperwork with the judge to dismiss the rapper’s filing.

DMX, real name Earl Simmons, owes more than $1.8 million in goods, child support, and lost contract disputes. His biggest debt, by far, is the $1.3 million he owes in back child support to some of the 10 children he is said to be the father of.

This is the latest in a long string of legal issues for DMX, who has spent multiple stints in prison for various drug and driving charges. Most recently, he was arrested in South Carolina on Monday, November 4 for driving with a suspended license and having no insurance of tag for the car, according to the Spartanburg County Detention Center.


It seems the bankruptcy protection filing was made to allow DMX to obtain a passport. The rapper was planning to tour Europe and Africa in the latter part of 2013. However, the U.S. Department of State will not issue a passport to anyone that owes $2,500 or more in child support, and since DMX owes over $1 million in back payments, there was no way they were letting him out of the country. Bankruptcy protection was his only option.

In a statement to Running Lip, DMX’s publicist Domenick Nati said: “Despite this recent obstacle, the team will continue to move forward with DMX’s national performances and we are still working relentlessly at obtaining his passport for his fan overseas.”

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