Rose Rock, the mother of Chris Rock has for the first time shared her thoughts regarding Will Smith slapping her son during the 2022 Oscars.

Rock who doubles up as an author and motivational speaker told journalists that his son is doing fine but still processing the incident that resulted in the resignation of Smith from the Academy. The organization banned Smith from all its events including the Oscars awards for a period of 10 years.

“I told a friend, when Smith slapped Chris he slapped many people but really slapped me hard,” said Rose Rock. “When you hurt my son, you hurt me as well”.

When asked what she had to say about Will Smith’s actions, Rock replied by saying that “what on earth was he thinking? “What if Chris fell down or if he had decided to repay you with another slap? Things would have gotten out of hand and we would probably be talking of different things now”, said Rock.

With regards to the ten-year ban, she said, “What does that even mean, he doesn’t qualify every year”. Rock said that she didn’t see the need to recall Smith’s Oscar award. She also added that she was extremely proud of how her son reacted after the slap.

“I am so proud of how my son reacted after Will Smith slapped him. I just don’t know what would have happened if he had decided to fight back”, she wondered.

Rose Rock said that said that she did not think the apology posted on Instagram by Will Smith after the ceremony was genuine. “I feel terribly bad that he didn’t even apologize”, said Rock. “It is probably one of his handlers who posted that message on Instagram. Something of that magnitude requires a personal apology, you reach out to the person you have wronged”.

The slap came about after Chris Rock make a joke about Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett for having shaved her head. The comedian has spoken about the issue since the incident happened.

Early this month, Kenny Rock also was quoted in the Los Angeles Times saying that he didn’t find the apology made by Smith genuine