The screaming kids at the Teen Choice Awards will probably never understand the level of wisdom Christopher Ashton Kutcher just dropped on them!

The legitimacy of events like the Teen Choice Awards, where fan votes are often discarded while producers pick winners based solely on which celebrities offer the biggest PR boost, have been called into question recently and organizers are taking serious flak for lying to young audiences.

However, when Kutcher stepped up on stage to accept a surfboard for the Ultimate Choice Award (the award they give to famous people just before they stop being relevant to teens), the Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Philanthropist, and occasional Actor took the opportunity to reveal a few truths to the Teen Choice audience.

First, he revealed that his real first name is Christopher. This was already public knowledge, and largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. However, it provided a philosophical basis for an important point about transformation and self-improvement.

Kutcher used the term “when I was Chris” to describe the ‘normal’ person he once was before he became known to the world as Ashton. Then, much like a blueprint for transforming a caterpillar into a butterfly, he provided the audience with step-by-step instructions on how to live a happy and traditionally successful life. How to turn a Chris into an Ashton.

The only problem is, no one listened.

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This was likely the first time the wider public has seen this side of Ashton, but he has given interviews for tech blogs, and with firms he has invested in, and it appears this is the real Ashton. Not the caricature you see in Punk’d or the dopey teen in ‘That 70’s Show.’ This is an Ashton that wants to change the world for the better and will use every resource at his disposal, including an army of teenage girls who think he’s “sexy,” to make that happen.

And here’s his lesson: Be Smart, Be Conscientious, Work Hard, Be Yourself, and Build Your Own Destiny.

If hearing it from Ashton Kutcher wasn’t enough, hear Steve Jobs speak about how to change the world:

The Steve Jobs Biopic, starring Ashton Kutcher, hits theaters August 16, 2013.