The world of history continues to fascinate us. Historical dramas dot the small screen. One of the most popular of all historical stories is that of the Tudors. This family produced several monarchs including Henry VIII. In the the last weeks, viewers have been treated to a drama centered around his youngest daughter.

Working With History

One person who has found herself truly fascinated by this world is Anya Reiss. She is someone who sees lots of modern parallels with the world that Tudors faced and made over the course of their lives. This is one of the many reasons why she has chosen to bring a new series to life. She is the force behind a show on the network known as Becoming Elizabeth. The series focuses closely on the life of young Elizabeth as she began to come into the power she have as queen of England.

The Death of Her Father

Elizabeth’s father died when she was only fourteen. During this time, she faced lots of turbulence in her life. She was the daughter of the hated dead queen Anne Boleyn. Her younger brother took the throne. However, he was a young man with a counsel that surrounded him as he tried to rule. During this time, she was to watch as her younger brother started to get very sick and then died. This put her in danger in many ways as she was seen as a Protestant contender for the English crown.

Following Her Story

This is series with eight episodes. The writer and producer sees it as very much a drama that focuses on the world of the family. That makes it easier than ever for viewers to understand what is happening and get a feel for the entire that Elizabeth lived in at that time. It also provides lot of chances for sibling rivalry that would rock England and bring Elizabeth to the center of power when her elder sister Mary I died. This is one story that Reiss has delighted in telling to her views at Stars.