The Newsroom and West Wing writer and producer Aaron Sorkin is no longer seeing Sex and The City actress Kristin Davis.

The two had been rumored to be together for some time earlier in the year, confirming their relationship at the red carpet premiere of The Newsroom, Sorkin’s newest HBO series, back in June.

Speaking to InTouch Weekly, a friend of Davis said, “They’re very different people. She’s focused on raising her daughter, Gemma, and he’s working on his show.”

Davis has laid low since her days on the hit HBO show, appearing sparsely in movies. Meanwhile Sorkin has been diligently at work on a number of projects, including his new series The Newsroom, which was recently renewed for a second season despite negative press from critics. Sorkin has also amassed a number of credits recently both on Broadway and the Silver Screen, having written recent Broadway hit A Few Good Men, and the screenplay for movie The Social Network.

Sorkin has recently been in the news for firing nearly the entire writing staff for The Newsroom heading into its second season. Sorkin is, however, the principal writer on the show. In the first four seasons of The West Wing, he famous wrote nearly every single episode himself, so it remains to be seen if the changes affect the overall look of the show.